Chat in VR - [Release Update]

You can read the full release notes here 



VR Updates - Chat visible in VR!

We’ve got a few improvements to our VR experience in this release. Most importantly, VR users will now be able to see Chat, bridging the divide between VR and Desktop users.

However, at this stage VR users will not be able to type in chat, which I know will disappoint those who want to “/dance” or “/sit”. This is because we’re not 100% sold on the idea of a VR keyboard right now, and when it comes to emotes we are hoping to remove them from chat altogether in the future.

What chat in VR will allow you to do is pull out the chat window, drag it to anywhere in your field of vision, and pin it there. So if you pin the chat window to the right side of your head, it will hover there no matter where your Avatar goes, and it will only be visible to you. Allowing you to stay on top of the conversation from all Sansarians.

Controller based cursors

There was a time when pointing with your face was the norm in VR, but that time has passed.

All cursor movement in VR will now be done with your headset’s controllers. This applies to all VR menus and controls. Your neck will now longer be doing all the heavy lifting.


Avatar Broadcasting

We wanted to mention Avatar Broadcasting because you’ll be seeing it at upcoming events, but it won’t be released to all users just yet.

It allows a host to appear in multiple instances of the same experience, to be seen and heard by all. However, they can only hear the people who are in the same instance as them, so communication with the host must be done through chat.

Creating an Account using Twitch

For all you streamers and Twitch viewers out there who have been thinking about giving Sansar a try, you can now create a Sansar account simply by logging in with your Twitch account!

This has no effect for existing Sansar accounts.



Scripting APIs - Object Animations and Media Streams

In this release we are opening a few more scripting APIs. This time for Object Animation and Media Stream switching.

For Object Animations, you will be able to script beyond a simple looped animation. You will be able to control the speed of animations, and play them forward or backward. You will also be able to do Frame Select, to isolate what part of animation you want to utilise.

With Media Streams its a simple change, but a big one. You will now be able to a use script to switch between preselected media streams, without having to rebuild the experience. Now you can channel-hop to your heart’s content!

The sunsetting of the Terrain Editor has been completed

This release marks the final end of the Sansar Terrain Editor. All terrain previously created by the Sansar Terrain Editor will be removed and replaced with "a flat red plane", making it easy for users to find and replace.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change. Please know this decision was not taken lightly.

Alternative tools for creating terrain can be found in this blog post:

Quality of Life

A separate tab for equipped clothes

A small quality of life change, in Lookbook when you are customising your Avatar, what you are currently wearing will be displayed in a separate window. This will make it easier to find what items are currently on your avatar, and make it easier to unequip it!

You will also be able to adjust Marvelous Designer clothing individually in the Worn Items panel. The Adjust Clothing button will still adjust all MD items at the same time.


Take a Knee

Finally, a new emote has been added for the ladies and the kilt wearing gents. Typing “/Sit2” in chat will make your sit in a Japanese style, Seiza, kneeling position. Keeping all dress and skirt wearers a little more respectable.


That’s it for this release! So take a knee and ponder all the things that are possible with such a bountiful smorgasbord of features.


You can read the full release notes here 

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