Customizing your avatar

Note: You can customize your avatar in both Desktop mode and VR mode, and all customization features are available in both modes. The arrangement of panels and icons in VR has been made more compact, and is available in your left hand during customization.

After you set up your account and log into Sansar, you can choose from a selection of custom avatars or customize the look of a new avatar. This article will focus on customizing an avatar. To begin customizing your avatar:

  1. Choose Create > Style my avatar from the main menu.
  2. Select an avatar from the Lookbook. If none are available, choose Create new look to add a default avatar to the list.
  3. Click Customize to begin customizing your avatar.
The avatar customization controls. Worn items appear in the panel on the left side of the screen, and controls for changing your avatar's appearance appear under the tabs on the Avatar panel.

Customization options

During avatar customization, there is a panel on the right side of the screen that contains several tabs. Each of these tabs either provides controls to alter your avatar's appearance, or provides access to clothing, hair, and accessories from your inventory.

Alternately, you can click Randomize in the bottom-left corner of the screen to let Sansar choose a random assortment of appearance settings and default clothing.


This tab includes two sub-tabs at the top: Avatar type and Options:

  • Avatar type - Choose the male or female silhouette to use a standard male or female Sansar avatar. These avatars can be adjusted further using the other appearance tabs. If you have purchased any custom avatars from the Sansar Store, you may select them here.
  • Scale - You can adjust the avatar's size to be bigger or smaller. Note that you can only adjust the size of the avatar uniformly. 
avatars.png scale.png
The Avatar type tab. Scale on the options tab.


This tab lets you choose your hairstyle and color. Click the thumbnail of a hairstyle you like to try it on your avatar. You can purchase additional hairstyles from the Sansar Store or import some of your own.

The Hairstyles tab. The active hairstyle is highlighted with a green outline.


This tab provides direct face manipulation tools and sliders to control the shape of your avatar's face and allows you to change your avatar's skin and eye color. Note that all face tab features are only applicable to Sansar's default avatars.

Face presets

First, pick a face from the Face Presets list. You can use one of the face presets or modify it further by clicking on the face of the avatar.  Click a thumbnail image to select a face preset, or click it a second time to remove it. 

Once you've modified a face preset, you also have the option to save your changes as a preset so you can access it easily again later. In future updates, you will be able to sell face presets you've created in the Sansar Store.

The Face tab.

Face deformation tools & sliders

The bulk of editing a face is done by clicking on the area that you want to adjust. Hover your cursor over the face to reveal highlights that show which areas will be affected by clicking and moving that highlighted area.

Click and drag the highlighted area to modify it.

Above the head, you will find the four deformation level modes and translate, rotate and scale buttons. 

Access the four deformation levels and translate / rotate / scale buttons at the top center of the screen.

The four deformation levels consists of:

  • Head - Allows you to modify the entire head. 
  • Section - Allows you to modify large sections of the face. 
  • Feature - Allows you to go deeper and modify facial features.
  • Part - Allows you to go even deeper and fine tune specific parts of facial features.

The tools available are:

  • Translate - Allows you to move the highlighted area up, down, front, back, left and right. You can click on the icon or press W to select translate.
  • Rotate - Allows you to rotate the highlighted area in different directions. Note that rotate has been disabled for some highlighted face parts. You can click on the icon or press E  to select rotate.
  • Scale - Allows you to resize the highlighted area bigger or smaller. You can click on the icon or press R to select scale.

You can edit your avatar further with the sliders in the inventory panel. However, these sliders are meant for fine details that are not achievable by clicking and dragging on the avatar face.  They are not meant for deep modification of the face.


On the Face tab, you can access a selection of skins, which will be applied to the entire avatar. Click a thumbnail image to select a skin, or click it a second time to remove it. In future updates, you may be able to add your own skins.

Eye color

On the Face tab, you can access a selection of eye colors, which will be applied to both of the avatar's eyes. Click a thumbnail image to select an eye color, or click it a second time to remove it. In future updates, you may be able to add your own eye colors.


Choose articles of clothing for your avatar to wear. Click a thumbnail image to add that clothing to your avatar, or click it a second time to remove it.

Check out the quests from Agent Primus and his friends to earn some free clothing! You can also purchase additional clothing from the Sansar Store or import some of your own.

Some clothing in Sansar is marked with a yellow "M" banner. This indicates that the clothing was created in Marvelous Designer and can be further adjusted once your avatar is wearing it. Click the Adjust Clothing button at the top of the screen to begin the cloth simulation that allows you to pull, stretch, zip, and pin Marvelous Designer clothing. See Fitting Marvelous Designer clothing to your avatar for more information.

The Clothing tab. Worn clothing is highlighted with a green outline.


The accessories tab works the same way as the Clothing tab, except that accessories are typically smaller items such as glasses, jewelry, or other adornments. Accessories can be further sorted by clicking the icons at the top of the panel: glasses, earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings. Click a thumbnail image to add that accessory to your avatar, or click it a second time to remove it.

You can purchase additional accessories from the Sansar Store or import some of your own.

The Accessories tab.


Preview and replace emote animations for your avatar. See Avatar emotes for more information.

The Animation tab.

The Worn Items panel

The Worn Items panel lists all hair, clothing, and accessories that your avatar is currently wearing. You can quickly find and remove any of these items from your avatar by clicking the minus button next to the item's name.

For Marvelous Designer clothing, an adjust item button and a translate button appears next to the item's name. You can click these buttons to begin adjusting that specific piece of clothing as described in Fitting Marvelous Designer clothing to your avatar

The Worn Items panel.
Note: If your avatar is wearing an item that has been deleted from your inventory, it will be available on the worn item panel until you remove it. Once you've removed the item, you will have to add the item back in your inventory to wear it again. 

Where to get clothing, hair, and accessories

You can purchase additional clothing, hair, and accessories from the Sansar Store.

New appearance items are marked with the word New in the corner of the thumbnail. A numbered badge indicates the number of new items in each tab of the appearance editor.

If you are a creator, you can import your own creations to Sansar by following the instructions in these articles:

Interested in changing the avatar's shape and and body proportions? While we do not have body modification support in Sansar yet, we are working towards enabling it. Keep a look out for further announcements about its release.

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