Slip, Slide and Sit Release: Update 4 - April 25, 2018

Announcements & Reminders

  • A quick fix for some issues and a nifty new addition! 

New Features


  • Media Graphics Mode - A new addition in the Settings menu that allows you to adjust the video quality of media streams. Take note that if you change the Media Graphics Mode settings, you must restart Sansar in order for the changes to take into effect. See Settings for more information. 

Known Issues

Resolved known issues from previous release/s

  • There has been a recent spike in crashes due to the recent improvement we made to the quality of video playback on media surfaces. If you are experiencing a crash when entering scenes with media surfaces, then you may be affected by this issue. To fix this, Sansar will now auto-detect your hardware and set the video quality to a level it supports. You may manually override the auto-detection using the new Media Graphics Mode mentioned above. 
  • Audio/media streams that are assigned in the scene settings panel in one scene may appear in the audio emitter stream drop down menu in other scenes.

Known issues for this release

  • Audio from media streams may start warbling and may be exacerbated by actions like rotating the camera, minimizing/maximizing the camera window, or task switching with other apps in the desktop.


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