Slip, Slide and Sit - [Release Update]

For the FULL RELEASE NOTES, please follow this link.


Bounce, Glow, Float and Slide! In this release all manner of APIs are being released to allow for incredible experience and object customization. Bend Gravity, Light and more to your will!

Highlights include, defining Friction, Bounce, Gravity, Center of Mass, and Light properties with Scripts.

In addition to these major scripting updates, we are tweaking arms for avatars in VR. Arms will no longer be able to go through the body of the avatar they belong to. So that should mean fewer contortionist 

Finally, we also have a few new emotes and some updates for Marvelous Designer.

New clothing customization options

Sansar now supports Zips and Pins from Marvelous Designer allowing you to intricately customize outfits and fabrics. If you create a hoodie, you will be able to choose exactly how far you want to pull that zip up or down.


With pins you’ll be able to “pin” clothes in place. Allowing for rolled sleeved, ruffled socks or a billowing cape.


For more details on using Zips and Pins with Marvelous Design, you can read our documentation here.

API: Awesome Preternatural Interactivity! (That’s not what it stands for)

We’re opening up a whole lot of APIs this release. Through Scripting in experiences you create, you will now be able to adjust the following:

  • Friction
  • Bounce
  • Gravity (for Objects)
  • Light Properties
  • Centre of Mass

Now you can get really creative. Create an ice-rink, Make a hidden light switch, make a airship, or build worldwide bouncy castle!

We’re really excited to see how creative our Creators can get with this new level of physics access, and it’s not stopping there! 

You’ll also have access to the API for allowing animations to switch between Keyframed and Dynamic modes, and with Dynamic Clusters you can have an Object spawn another Object that is immediately categorized as “Physical”. Such as a cannon spawning a cannonball!

The documentation on Script APIs can be found here.

New Emotes

Finally, we have a few more /emotes being added. You can now /wave, laugh (/lol) and /cheer! You can even sit down on the floor with /sit!


We are planning another release for the end of April and this one is important for all you Creators, as it will be the end of our Terrain tool!

Here is the full list of Avatar Emotes.

Reminders: Terrain Sunsetting

As we explained in our last release, we are sunsetting the Terrain Editor tool in Sansar in the interests of optimizing performance. We encourage you to instead use your preferred terrain creator and import your terrain as an object into Sansar.

Any terrain created by the Sansar Terrain Editor tool and using terrain heightmaps will be replaced with a default placeholder at the end of April release. So if you are a Creator who has used the Sansar Terrain Editor tool, please be prepared for this change.

That’s all for now. See you guys again at the next release. Byyyyeeee!


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