It’s a party! - Create your own events [Release Update]

This latest Sansar release features event creation, new emotes, and performance improvements. For the FULL release notes click here.

That’s right, any user can now create their own events in Sansar! Make the party come to you by setting the time and the place. Once the event is live, attendees will be able to click a link on the event page to take them right to the shindig, like a virtual super-Uber.

To create an event, simply login in to Sansar and go to the sidebar and click the events app in the App Launcher. Then click the Create an Event button. You will then need to fill in an Event Name, Description, Location, Start Time and Duration. The image for your event will be automatically pulled from the virtual location.


If there are any features of Events you’d like to see expanded or added, you can post about it in our Feedback forum or vote for an existing feature request. Be sure to read our Event Guidelines as well.

Script Updating for the Store

If you create and sell Scripts in the store, you can now update those scripts without having to recreate a new listing. Previous customers will need to choose "Redeliver" from their purchase history in order to receive a copy of the updated script. 

In addition to this, we are also increasing the maximum size of an uploaded C# script to 1MB. You can check out all the coolest scripts in the store, from faster Avatars to Proximity Sensors and even “Stargates”. You can read more about our Script API here.

Goodbye Terrain Editor - Terrain Sunsetting

This is the sad news. We are removing the Terrain Editor in order to improve performance. While we know many creators will be upset by this, in the best interests of making all experiences accessible to as many users as possible, sunsetting the Terrain Editor is the obvious choice.
You can still import your own terrain objects created in 3rd party tools.

The Terrain Editor will be disabled as of today, and assets created by it will be replaced after the April release. 

I know it’s not ideal. We’re sorry.

If you have used our Terrain Editor to build any of your experiences, we’ll work with you to make this a smooth transition. You can read more in our documentation here.

Diagnostics Tool improvements

Furthering the interest of improving the performance of Sansar Experiences we are continuing to improve our Diagnostics Tool. To use the diagnostics tool you can find it under settings. Just click “diagnostics” to open its window.


Also, the Diagnostics tool can now outline all visible triangles in a scene, display wireframes, and provide you with information on the number of lights illuminating an area. Again, full details can be found in our Diagnostics documentation.


Avatar Emotes

It wouldn’t be much of a party if you couldn’t throw your hands up!
New emotes "/raisehand" and "/point" have been added and in addition, you can use upper-body emotes and lower-body emotes at the same time. So get on your dancing shoes and /point to call someone out for a dance off.


In addition to this, voice feedback has been tweaked so that it goes further in the direction the avatar is facing, but travels an even shorter distance behind the direction they are facing.
So host a party, raise your hands ups and shout across the room to tell.

You can read the full release notes here. Be sure to attend our Community Meetups and follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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