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You must adhere to the following guidelines for publishing events (each an “event”). These guidelines aim to help you publish events effectively so that users can quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

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Event Publishing Guidelines

  • All events published on the Events app must adhere to the Content Guidelines.
  • All events must not contain any references to Linden Lab, Sansar, Second Life, or any Linden Lab-related trademark that may imply a false relationship with or sponsorship, endorsement, or employment by Linden Lab.

The following requirements apply to all text associated with experiences:

  • Only alphanumeric and basic punctuation characters, such as commas, periods, slashes, colons, dashes, underscores, and quotation marks are allowed. Sansar does not support international characters at this time.
  • Senseless or excessively repetitive use of characters, in Linden Lab’s sole discretion, is prohibited.
  • Avoid replacing letters with special characters or numbers (e.g., replacing “A” with “@” or “I” with “1”). You will want to make it easy for people to find your events.
  • There should be no leading, trailing, or creeping white spaces.
  • Control characters and line feeds are not allowed.
  • References and links are only allowed to Sansar related properties. Links outside of Sansar properties are not permitted.

Note: If you wish to use Sansar or any and any other trademarks owned by Linden Lab in your event, you must first reach out to receive permission for use. 

Event Name

Each event name must:

  • Adhere to a character limit (including spaces):
    • Minimum: 3 characters
    • Maximum: 100 characters
  • Be clear and accurate in order to make it easy for users to find your experience in the event app.
  • As much as possible, contain spaces in between words.

Experience Description

Each event description must:

  • Adhere to a character limit (including spaces):
    • Minimum: 3 characters
    • Maximum: 100 characters
  • Describe the event clearly, honestly, and accurately. Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited.
  • Not contain leading, trailing or creeping white spaces; however, paragraphs are allowed.

Event Location

  • Each event must have a designated location. Currently, you can only pick an event location based on the experiences that you have, whether published or not published. 
  • Experiences selected must have an experience image.

Note: Access to events will be tied to the experience access controls.

Event Image

  • You cannot upload your own event images at this time. In the meantime, event listings will pull the image from the experience the event will be hosted at.

Event Time

  • You must input a Date, Start time and the Duration of the event. 

Effective: March 20, 2018


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