Don’t Just Stand There, Bust a Move! The Latest Release!

A new Sansar release is ready. If you already have Sansar installed, be sure the updater runs when you next login - Sansar should automatically download the latest release.

In addition to new features and improvements in this release (we will get to some highlights of those below!) there are some things to take note of:

  • Access controls update: With the new experience publishing controls, we migrated and mapped existing experiences to the new publishing controls system. Existing experiences should have their set access controls and published/not published states as expected, however,we encourage you to check your experiences to ensure that everything is set as you expect. Find out how you can check your settings here.
  • Physics engine update: To increase performance and stability in Sansar, we’ve pushed a change to the physics engine that may affect existing and new dynamic objects in an experience. Dynamic objects with collision meshes will automatically be converted to a fitting Convex Hull of the mesh.

Now, let’s get to some release highlights - we’ve listed a few of these below, and you can visit the Release Notes section for the full rundown of release items for this as well as previous releases:

New Features

    • Experience publishing controls - Additional control and flexibility over who can and cannot gain access with your experience.
      • Only Me - Access limited to yourself only.
      • Guest List - Shares your experience with specific individuals set by you.
      • Ban List - Prevent specific users from entering your experience
    • Experience Favorites - Bookmark your favorite experiences in the Sansar app and on the web for easy access. Look for that heart icon on an experience's details page!
    • Motion types and keyframed objects
      • We've replaced the old IsDynamic flag into a motion type selector where you can set an object's motion type between: Static, Dynamic and Keyframed.
      • The Keyframed motion type is a new type of motion type. Read more
    • Avatar emotes for desktop - The first set of avatar emotes is finally out! Let your emotions out by using the keyboard commands, /dance, /thumbsup or /clap in the Chat app.
    • Inventory update - Always wanted to rename the Item Name of items in your inventory, whether created or purchased? Now you finally can using the new Rename feature.
    • More accessible Chat app - You can now chat with your friends while in the Atlas and the experience loading page.


  • Teleport in Edit Mode in VR - You can now teleport to a targeted vertical surface while editing a scene. This allows you to target an item in the scene and teleport directly beside it for easy editing.


We’re already laying the groundwork for the next release, and we will be closely monitoring feedback from this one for the next several days. Join us in Sansar for Meetups - a great way to make new friends, explore Sansar together, and connect with the product team. You can also follow us on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Show us your moves in Sansar!

The Sansar Team


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