Avatar emotes

Avatar emotes are short, predefined animations that your avatar can perform in order to non-verbally express emotions and sentiments. Emotes are triggered by entering commands in Nearby chat while in Desktop mode.

An avatar performing the /clap emote.

List of avatar emotes

Here is a list of avatar emotes that are currently available. Enter them in the Chat app and press Enter to trigger them.

Emotes that play for a short period of time when triggered. These emotes may be triggered while standing, walking, running, dancing, or sitting:

  • /cheer - Causes your avatar to play a cheering animation. 
  • /clap - Causes your avatar to clap its hands for a few seconds. 
  • /lol - Causes your avatar to perform a laughing animation.
  • /point - Causes your avatar to make a pointing gesture. 
  • /raisehand - Causes your avatar to raise its hand. 
  • /thumbsup - Causes your avatar to give a "thumbs up" gesture. 
  • /wave - Causes your avatar to wave its hand.

Emotes that play indefinitely. To stop the animation, make your avatar move or do another full body animation:

  • /sit - Causes your avatar to sit down cross-legged indefinitely. 
  • /sit2 - Causes your avatar to sit seiza-style (a kneeling-style sit) indefinitely.
  • /dance - Causes your avatar to dance indefinitely unless stoped. The animation randomly plays /dance1 or /dance2.
  • /dance1 - Causes your avatar to dance indefinitely in one style. 
  • /dance2 - Causes your avatar to dance indefinitely in another style. 
Note: /dance only plays randomly if your avatar is not in a dancing state. If your avatar is already dancing, randomization will not be triggered.



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