Store Collection Submissions: Athletic & Saint Patrick's Day

Have you seen some of the incredible collections we've pulled together on the Sansar Store?

The store includes a highly visible marquee banner that points to curated collections for different themes, and we wanted to give you a chance to get your items featured in this prime spot!

Currently, we're looking for athletic wear and Saint Patrick's Day themed items for upcoming collections. Find out how to submit your items for consideration, below.


Athletic Wear

Sportswear is everywhere in fashion these days. From musicians to celebrities, to everyday people, we're seeing clothes that used to gym only making their way into our day to day life. Yoga pants, tracksuits, hoodies, and so much more are no longer left to exercise only. So share your fashionable athletic and sportswear items on the store and use the keyword "Athletic2018".

Saint Patrick's Day

This holiday is known for its celebration of one of Ireland's foremost patron saints - but it is also known for it's green beer and merriment! Clovers and everything green! To submit your items for this collection use the keyword "SaintPatrick2018".

Have fun making stuff!

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