The Find & Connect Release is Here!

With the latest Sansar release, you’ll see a ton of new improvements, features, and fixes. We’ve highlighted a few of these below, and you can visit the Release Notes section for the full rundown of release items for this and previous releases:


  • Find popular experiences - Sansar is more fun with friends, and now it’s easy to see where people are hanging out in Sansar. Now more than ever you can find and connect with friends! Search on the web or in the app atlas for a people icon in the top left corner of an experience to find out who's hanging where. Visit these spots to find new friends, meet old friends, discover popular experiences, and grow your Sansar network.


  • Inventory updates - The first of improvements to inventory organization is here! You can now filter, sort and search your inventory for items, making customizing your experiences better than ever.


  • Live streaming in Sansar - You can now stream live videos into an experience through Twitch and Youtube! Host watch parties, stream your Twitch channel for friends - there is a lot of fun to be had together with this new expansion to media streaming in Sansar.


  • Terrain sculpts - In edit mode, there are now four new terrain options available in the system objects panel. Along with these additional terrain sculpts, there are also new paint tools and the we’ve added blending support, make laying down the foundation of your experience more versatile than ever.


  • Marvelous Designer Discount - Sansar subscribers are entitled to the following discounts on monthly Marvelous Designer subscriptions:
    • Sansar Creator: 10% off
    • Sansar Super Creator: 30% off
    • Sansar Professional: 50% off

In addition to the above mentioned items, this release also has a ton of audio updates, some UI updates to the edit scene gizmo, new scripting improvements, and web updates - so be sure to check out the full release notes for all the details.


There’s much more to come, and to keep up to date - join us in Sansar for Meetups - a great way to make new friends, explore Sansar together, and connect. You can also follow us on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Let's connect in Sansar!

The Sansar Team

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