Find & Connect Release: February 2, 2018

Announcements & Reminders

  • The 50 item restriction for users has been lifted. Users who were previously affected by this limitation are no longer affected starting from this release. 
  • Updated the Store Listing Guidelines to include a section on Store tags. 
  • Updated the avatar references provided in rigged clothingMarvelous Designer creator resources and avatar attachments (accessories).
    • We encourage you to update to the latest skeleton, otherwise your clothing will not upload into Sansar. Update: This only applies to rigged clothing. You do not have to update to the latest avatar references in Marvelous Designer. 
    • Existing clothing in Sansar will not be affected due to this change.
  • Previously, our documentation stated that hair should not be more than 5,000 triangles. This should be 8,000 triangles. This has been fixed in our documentation. 
  • Marvelous Designer’s latest update allows users to use UV maps on the UV guide and fixes issues with exporting clothing to .samd. Check out their notes here.

New Features


  • Find popular experiences - A new indicator on the upper left side of experiences lets you know which experiences are populated by people. This is available in the client and the website.
  • Live Streaming in Sansar - As an expansion to media streaming in Sansar, you can now stream live videos into an experience through Twitch and Youtube!
  • Multiple sound streams - Attach multiple sound streams in a scene to easily change between channels. You can even assign and label each one to your liking!
  • Multiple audio emitters - Improve audio ambience in your scenes by playing sound streams or a media stream's sound across multiple emitters in your scene. 
  • Play media stream sounds in the background - Channel the audio output of your media streams to play globally in your experience. 
  • Terrain updates
    • Terrain sculpts - If you're feeling lazy to build your terrain from scratch, you can now choose from four additional terrain sculpts from the system objects panel while editing a scene. 
    • New Paint tools - There’s a new flood fill and erase tool to help you paint your terrain.
    • Blending support - We now support blending which will allow you to overlay and blend colors 
  • Inventory updates
    • Search tools - Find your items more easily using the new search, filter, and sort options in the Inventory. 
    • New layout - Switch views between system objects, created items and purchased items through a new dropdown menu. 
    • New location for starter items - Inventory starter items have been moved under the “Purchased” tab in the inventory.
  • Updated gizmo - When interacting with the gizmo, certain portions of the gizmo are now hidden when the gizmo is in use.
  • Bloom effect - allows you to adjust the glowing effect around lights in your experience. For information on how to take advantage of the bloom effect, see Scene Settings.
  • Events in your local time - events in the Atlas will now be shown in your local time.
  • Script updates
    • New SimpleScript base class to make getting started writing a script just a bit easier.
    • New examples.csproj contains the C# scripting examples in an easy to use format and uses fixed API .dlls that don't crash VS2017.
    • All Subscribe methods now return an IEventSubscription object that can be used to unsubscribe from the events.
    • New optional Run action on WaitFor to run after the subscription but before waiting. This closes a potential race condition in cross script communication.
    • Bug fixes for memory use, User add/remove events, coroutine performance, and the keyboard command API.
    • New script APIs to play streams (media or audio)
    • See Script API updates for detailed information on these updates.


  • Find popular experiences - A new indicator on the upper left side of experiences lets you know which experiences are populated by people. This is available in the client and the website.
  • Store item tagging - Add up to five tags to your item listings to further categorize your items. Check out the tagging portion of the Store Listing Guidelines.
  • Events in your local time - events in the Atlas will now be shown in your local time.
  • Switch to pagination - We’ve moved from infinite scrolling to pagination in the Sansar website.


New Articles

Updated Articles

Note: For updates on the Script API documentation, see Script API updates.

Known Issues

Resolved known issues from previous releases

  • At times, voice chat lags and trails behind avatars.
  • The Simulate Cloth button is grayed out when applying an MD item in the Hairstyles sub-menu.
  • The 'Down-turned' eye morpher on the male avatars does not affect the avatar mesh.

  • When a scene is built with reverb enabled, all terrain is missing from the reverb computation.
  • Using Create New Look may cause the client to crash. 
  • Avatar thumbnails are slightly offset if the user discards changes made to a Sansar Looks avatar.
  • Edit Atlas Info modal starts expanding on the right side after 37+ characters to accommodate the longer screen name.
  • Active import panels will be automatically closed when visiting a scene from the editor.
  • Returning to the editor reveals that the panels have closed, but the active panel highlight from the import drop down will still be active.
  • Avatar limbs, head, and torso will occasionally rotate on their own when loading into a scene while in vr.
  • Extremely high-resolution texture assets can crash Sansar. Users creating within the recommended texture size should not experience any issues.
  • VR Controls modal button is difficult to read
  • The client may show an error message that points out a missing en-US.toml file. However, this does not affect Sansar and it will behave normally.
  • The last searched term in the people app persists even if the people app is closed.
  • Selecting containers in an animated object's component displays useless gizmos that do not affect the container contents even when moved.
  • Avatar arms do not act as expected in VR mode if only one VR controller is used. Moving your physical head will cause the arm to move and rotate around the avatar body even when the physical arm remains stationary.
  • In Desktop mode, the tool that lets you identify avatars may get stuck on the mouse cursor.
  • This triggers when you switch between third person and first person while hovering the mouse cursor over an avatar.
  • Avatars do not rotate when the camera is moved in first person mode or when the avatar is standing on a moving platform.
  • In first-person mode, activating the teleport beams while running prevents the avatar from navigating left or right. Instead, it forces the avatar to rotate in the direction the teleport beam is pointed at.
  • The terrain's base material shows around the edge of a brush when using the add tool.
  • The tool that lets you identify avatars can appear when hovering over users that are on another side of a wall or object.
  • Sansar crashes if an object with a really high-resolution texture is added to a scene from the inventory.
  • Sansar may crash when launching the avatar customization app.
  • Toggling the Scene Settings panel forces the tool drop down to close.
  • Notifications appear behind the properties panel when in Edit Mode.
  • Using undo after switching between accessories, and then deleting the previously applied accessory will re-apply the deleted accessory to the avatar, resulting in multiple attachment points.
  • The camera zooms in and out on the avatar when moving in 3rd person mode with a controller.
  • VR hand and teleport beams are still visible after switching to desktop mode.
  • If the material editor is opened and saved followed by a custom name entered for the 'Item name in Inventory' field, the name will revert back to the default item name.
  • If a ribbon panel drop down is active, and the scene objects panel is used, the drop down panel will appear behind the scene objects panel.
  • The same file can be uploaded to multiple categories in the Accessories sub-menu. This may lead to some odd results while customizing your Avatar.
  • At times, users' online statuses are not reflected properly in the People app.
  • The terrain will appear separated at the seam when using the terrain sculpting tool over a chunk seam.
  • Sansar can't play more than 32 simultaneous audio voices (including emitters).

 Known issues for this release

  • At slow internet connections, the lack of response from the loading bar may look like Sansar is not active.
  • Occasionally, some avatars are missing their bodies, leaving only the head behind.
  • It is possible to get stuck in the simulation pose after deleting all MD clothing worn by the avatar in 'Simulate Cloth' mode.
  • If an accessory is deleted from the inventory of a specific avatar, it will still appear on any other avatar's appearance if that avatar is still wearing the accessory at the time of deleting.
  • When 'surface snap' is enabled in edit mode, grabbing objects while editing in VR becomes difficult.
  • Switching to VR while building a scene makes the 'building' indicator vanish and stay hidden until the build process is completed.
  • Script properties revert back to default values when uploading a script while the properties panel is open.
  • Some dynamic objects will appear to spring back and forth on screen when held by an avatar.
  • Occasionally, some avatars get caught on some objects as the objects are pushed away from them.
  • Occasionally, dynamic objects do not collide with other objects and may temporarily fall through them for a few seconds, before snapping back to the other objects' surface.
  • Occasionally, some dynamic objects may jump away beyond the expected force from the avatar when colliding with them.
  • The 1st person desktop camera may shake when visiting an experience. This is most notable when looking straight down.
  • At times, Avatar IDs display incorrectly and shows a long string of text and numbers. When this happens, try closing and re-opening the People app to see the correct Avatar ID.
  • When you grab an object with a collision volume from one hand to another, the object may tumble around the user, instead of showing that it is held by the user's hand.
  • The avatar head can only be moved in a limited range.
  • Switching your avatar between genders may cause the avatar's mouth to not move in accordance with the vocal sounds you create.
  • At times, objects grabbed in VR appear offset and do not track the user's hands.
  • The terrain soften tool in paint mode has no effect on terrain textures.
  • Terrain objects in some experiences may look off or duplicated due to the terrain's uv space shrinking as the scene is built.
  • After a flood tool is used, the smooth tool doesn't do anything when applied on a terrain chunk. As a workaround, use the smooth tool on the first chunk of terrain to restore functionality.

Known issues from previous releases

  • General
    • Spamming the left arrow in the Atlas featured carousel causes the experience details page to appear and spamming the right arrow will cause the user to enter an experience.
    • The right arrow on the experience details page in the Atlas only scrolls to the last loaded experience on the Atlas and fails to scroll through all experiences on the Atlas.
    • Attempting to open the Atlas after exiting VR mode in edit mode can cause Sansar to crash.
    • The My Experiences app does not automatically refresh to show the updated image of an experience. To see the changes, close and re-open the My Experiences app.
      Experience titles that exceed 25 characters get cut off in the experience details page.
  • Chat and people apps
    • Accepting a friend request adds yourself to your friend's list. 
    • During the avatar naming process, the ghost text doesn't disappear and the 'next' button fails if the user uses the tab button after entering an Avatar Name.
    • Rejected friend requests may reappear on the friend request list in some occasions.
      The People app button no longer highlights when users receive friend requests. However, friend requests still come in successfully.
    • The "Message" and "Mute" options are available when searching for people in the People app. Take note that you can only send messages to people who are on your friend's list.
    • Searching for a user that is already added to your friend's list shows the "add friend" and "mute" buttons. Although it shows "add friend", the user should already be on the friend's list.
  • Avatars & the avatar app
    • Sansar will occasionally crash if the user goes in and out of the avatar customization app and saves changes to an avatar.
    • Avatar appears small and to the right of the client window briefly when exiting the Character Editor.
    • Closing the client as the Lookbook generates a new avatar creates the avatar despite the user choosing to discard it.
    • Asset importer header in the Hairstyles sub-menu reads Import Character Clothing. It should read Import Character Hairstyles.
    • Deselecting an item of clothing then using Undo does not return the clothing to its previous position.
    • The avatar ID tool will not appear when hovering the mouse cursor over an avatar after a user toggles out of VR mode.
    • The new Arm IK feature is still being polished. Some bugs may trigger on the Avatar’s arms when it is enabled. For example, it's possible to get your avatar's arms to clip into its torso.
    • Avatars may take a quick step if a controller is used to navigate the avatar slowly through the experience.
    • Female avatars appear to twitch slightly while in their idle pose.
    • The female avatar's nose will tear up when the nose slider is set to the maximum value.
    • Male avatars forward left strafe is not smooth while in first person camera mode. The avatar will appear to wobble left and right as they walk.
  • Items & the upload tool
    • Rigged and animated assets exported from blender do not appear correctly when imported and viewed in Sansar.
    • Exporting assets with Y up from Z up native programs results in those assets containers and static meshes entering Sansar with Y up, whereas Y up native programs assets exported with Z up also result with Y up in Sansar.
    • Some objects may fail to upload indefinitely when the import cache is lost or corrupted unless the user deletes the whole import cache.
    • Sansar crash can be caused by deleting a portion of the cache and then upload an asset that relied on that piece of cache that was deleted. Or, caused by uploading the same asset numerous times before the others uploads have finished.
    • PC network drives fail to appear on the file explorer when uploading a file using the upload tool.
    • Animated objects lose their animation when uploaded with a collision mesh.
    • A majority of textures assigned to .obj files do not import into Sansar.
    • Some textures appear posterized after uploading them to Sansar.
    • Multi-part objects cannot currently be paired with a collision volume, which means they cannot be made dynamic or collide with other objects.
    • Some textures appear posterized after uploading them to Sansar.
  • Edit Mode:
    • Setting an animation component to 'ClientOnly' in the properties panel does not set the animation to be a client-side only animation.
    • Duplicating a group of assets only highlights one of the selected objects in the Scene Objects panel.
    • Clearing debug messages from the script debug console will reappear and stack on each other every time the script console is opened.
    • Sansar crashes if an asset with a really high-resolution texture is added to a scene from the inventory.
    • When editing an animated object, the Scale property only affects the object's size and not the distance the object travels during its animation. This means that scaling an animated object can often lead to unexpected and undesirable results, so make sure to model to the appropriate scale in your 3D modeling tool.
    • If an animated object's static mesh component is moved from its original container in the scene objects panel, the object's animation will no longer play.
    • In desktop mode, trigger volumes show the gizmo and the mini-object toolbar, which acts as a visual indication that it is selected. However, in VR mode, the gizmo and the mini-object toolbar are missing, thereby showing no visual indicator that it is selected.
    • The undo button does not work when adding and removing components in an object.
    • Items obtained from the store are improperly scaled when drag and dropped into a Sansar experience.
    • Objects can be scaled beyond their maximum set limits.
    • Some store objects that rely on the emissive.exr texture to be used as their diffuse color are being tinted by the empty diffuse attribute, making the object appear dark and dull.
    • The sound effect for manipulating the gizmo handles have a noticeable lag. This may make it seem like the gizmo is slow in response to your mouse clicks.
    • Reloading a scene after deleting an object will cause the Scene Objects panel to reorder.
    • Additional containers (and its components) that have been added to objects do not move with the object while visiting an experience.
    • Sansar will crash if an fbx file contains 4+ vertices which are all stacked on each other.
    • The message that appears while listing items does not display the selected item's name in the confirmation box.
    • A scale gizmo appears on light components even though light cannot be scaled.
    • Light objects can be scaled after a volume component has been added to it even though light cannot be scaled.
    • Animated objects have an "IsDynamic" properties option, which doesn't do anything.
    • Crash upon saving a scene.
  • Terrain
    • The system memory will gradually rise as the terrain is being sculpted and painted due to an unlimited undo/redo history for the terrain.
    • Sculpting tools can become active when clicking over inactive terrain
    • The terrain sculpting tool sculpts faster when using smaller terrain chunks.
    • Deselecting a terrain asset will cause any open drop down menu to automatically close
    • Uploaded and placed terrain heightmap assets will display the item material editor when right clicked on from the Scene Settings panel. The item material editor doesn't display any available materials, nor does changing the active shader affect the visuals of the terrain asset.
    • Terrain sound crackles when the brush tool is used across the terrain at a fast speed.
    • The terrain flatten tool is currently not affected by the hardness value of the brush.
    • The terrain hardness brush is not affected by brush size values.
    • The blue selection highlight can appear stretched when sculpting around the edges of a terrain object.
    • The terrain will appear separated at the seam when using the terrain sculpting tool over chunk seam.
  • Materials editor
    • Non uniform repeating textures do not repeat with the designated values (Ex:2x5) and when used will only repeat the lowest value (Ex: 2x5 = results in a 2x2 repeat).
    • The material editor will appear to open then close if an unsupported object type is set as a .fbx file extension and loaded into the uploader.
    • When an object with more than 1 UV map is uploaded, only the first UV map will appear textured. All other UV maps will appear black.
  • Media surfaces
    • Media Surfaces continue to play for a few seconds after entering Edit Mode.

      If a media surface source is set to a gif image, that image will become squashed into one of the corners of the surface. If tiling is used, the empty space will also tile along with the image.
  • Visit mode:
    • Toggling back to the avatar camera from free cam mode offsets and rotates the avatar camera when looking up and down.
    • Sansar App briefly stalls (150ms per avatar) when other avatars join the experience.
    • At times, some lights do not bounce diffuse colors correctly. Bounced light may not show against the ground or walls.
    • Some emissives in Origin Cinema 360 aren't emitting light after Global Illumination upgrade.
    • At times, some lights do not bounce diffuse colors correctly. Bounced light may not show against the ground or walls.
    • Selecting a container or component in the scene objects panel may cause the panel's contents to shift.
    • At times, crashes may be experienced when switching between experiences.
    • Black patches may appear over objects in a scene while visiting experience.
    • Some surfaces appear very grainy when viewed from acute angles. This mostly appears on surfaces with low roughness and some metalness.
    • At times, occlusion culling behaves poorly and causes a portion of terrain spaces to be hidden or exhibit erratic behavior.
  • People app
    • Message and Mute options are available when searching for the currently logged in user in the People app
    • People App button is failing to highlight when users receive friend requests.
    • Add Friend option appear for users that have already been added to the friend's tab
    • Friend request denials return as pending friend requests if the user waits before launching a new session.
  • VR mode
    • Toggling from the first person to the third person in VR mode may cause the avatar to shift to the left or right of its original position.
    • Noticeable objects pop in from the peripheral vision occasionally in VR mode.
    • VR selection reticle intermittently persists on screen after exiting VR mode
    • VR UI text unexpectedly changes position when moving panels around.
    • In VR, avatar arms may bind together towards the avatar's center and/or rapidly move back and forth between the avatar's center and the controller's position (Oculus Touch controllers only).
    • In VR, avatars' head does not match the user's head tilt and is slightly off.
    • In VR, avatars' head tilting appears to favor rotating at the bottom of the neck, rather than the top.
    • In VR, male avatars using VR controllers appear to lean towards the left side when the controllers are active.



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