Finding people in Sansar

There are many ways to find other people in Sansar. Whether you are looking for a specific friend or browsing for a popular location, you can use one of the available tools to help you connect with others.

Popular experiences

While browsing the Atlas on the web or in Sansar, you may notice a small Popular now icon people-in-experience-64x64.png in the corner of certain experiences. This icon indicates that there are currently other people visiting that experience. Click Visit to enter that experience and say hello to your fellow visitors!

The Popular now icon people-in-experience-64x64.png indicates that an experience is being visited by other people.


Attend an event to meet up with other people while you enjoy exciting experiences and locations in Sansar. Events can take many forms, from community meetups to murder mysteries and other special activities.

You can find a list of upcoming events in the Atlas, both on the web and in Sansar. For more information about events in Sansar, see Upcoming events in Sansar.

See a list of upcoming events in the Atlas.

Search for friends

While visiting or editing a scene in Sansar, you can use the People app to search for specific friends to add to your Friends list. Once your friend accepts your friend request, you may exchange chat messages and coordinate your activities.

For more information about friends and chat, see The Chat and People apps.

Search for friends by using the Search tab of the People app.

Join Sansar's official Discord community

Sansar's Discord community is a way to connect with other Sansar users and make friends, plan meetups, ask questions, get feedback, share your ideas and creations, and more.

To participate in the Sansar Discord community, you must link your Sansar account to your Discord account. If you do not have a Discord account, you will be prompted to created one as part of the linking process. To begin, log into the Sansar website, then visit the Link Discord page from your Account page and follow the instructions onscreen.

For more information about the Discord community, see Sansar Discord FAQ.

Visit the community forums

You may visit Sansar's community forums to share your experiences, report bugs, request features, and more.

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