Working with audio

This article provides a general overview of how you can add, use, and work with 3D models in Sansar. 

Uploading audio in Sansar

In Sansar, audio can be uploaded in several file formats. If you are interested in uploading an sound file to your inventory from your computer, see Uploading items in Sansar for a step-by-step guide on the upload process. 

Adding audio to a scene

Once a sound file is uploaded in Sansar, it becomes available in your Inventory. You can manage and use your objects from your Inventory. In Sansar, you can add sounds to an Audio Emitter or add it as a component in an object.

Note: If you are interested in selling your audio in the Store, see Selling items in the Sansar Store

Previewing audio while editing a scene

After uploading, the sound appears in your Inventory. You can right-click it and choose Play to preview it in a continuous loop, then right-click again and choose Stop to stop previewing.

Audio Preview lets you hear sounds live during the layout editing process. It's a great time saver for playing sounds in a scene before publishing, as well as balancing sound emitter positions and volumes relative to each other. See Audio Preview to learn more.

Ambisonic Sounds

Sansar supports ambisonic surround sounds in AmbiX (ACN-SN3D) format. See Ambisonic sounds to learn more.

High-quality spatial audio

The Sansar audio engine is designed to take full advantage of spatial cues. See High-quality spatial audio for more information on how you can take advantage of Compute Scene Reverb and Occlusion to enhance sounds in your scenes.

Sansar audio FAQ

See Sansar audio FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about audio in Sansar.



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    Will it be possible to preview sounds in the future?

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    Torley - Sansar

    @Relapse Pardon for slow reply on this. Wanted to followup that YES... live audio preview is confirmed and coming! These meeting notes have more details.

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