Making an object dynamic

Dynamic objects in Sansar can be affected by physics; this means they can fall, roll, bounce, and slide within a scene according to their density, friction, and bounce settings.

While editing a scene, you can set an object to be dynamic by doing the following:

  1. Select the object, either by clicking it in the scene or by selecting it from the Scene Objects panel.
  2. Click the Properties button that appears on the object.
  3. In the Properties window that appears, click the IsDynamic switch to set it to the On position.
  4. Adjust the DensityFriction, and Bounce sliders to affect how the object acts when it collides with another object.
Note: Dynamic objects must have a collision volume.  When creating objects, be sure to keep the collision volume simple; complex collision volumes require more resources to process and can lead to instability in the physics simulation.

Interacting with dynamic objects

When visiting a scene in VR, you can grab and toss dynamic objects using Vive or Oculus VR controllers. You can easily play with these interactions in the Toppleton Toy Town experience provided by Sansar Studios.

Note: Interacting with dynamic objects is currently not yet available in desktop mode. 



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