Buying items from the Sansar Store

When creating or editing a scene to build your experience you don't need to create all of your assets from scratch. Instead, you can buy items from the Sansar Store. Once you purchase an item from the store, the item is automatically added to your inventory in Sansar. 

Finding and buying an item from the Store

To find and buy an object from the Sansar Store:

  1. Visit the Sansar Store at
  2. Find an item you'd like to purchase. Click the search search.png icon at the top of the page, enter your search terms, then press Enter.
  3. Click the item to open its listing page, which contains additional information and photos of the item (if available).
  4. Click Buy to buy the item. Once you have successfully purchased the item, the item is automatically added to your inventory.
  5. When you log into Sansar, click Edit scene in one of your experiences. You can find your item in the Inventory section while editing the scene.
Note: If you ever lose or delete a purchased item, you can redeliver it from its listing page. In place of the Buy or Free button, there is a Purchased button that opens a dialog allowing you to redeliver the item.

Filtering wearables

You can apply several filters to browsing and search results in the Wearables category of the Sansar store. This can help you narrow your results and find items that are likely to fit your avatar's shape.

To filter wearables in the Sansar Store:

  1. Choose Explore > Wearables from the dropdown next to the search field to show all wearables in the Store.
  2. Click the Filters dropdown and choose some of the following:
    • Gender
      • Male - Show only wearables designed for the male avatar shape.
      • Female - Show only wearables designed for the female avatar shape.
    • Asset Type
      • Marvelous Designer - Show only wearables that have been created and imported using Marvelous Desinger integration.
      • Rigged mesh - Show only wearables that are rigged to move as your avatar moves. Many clothing items fall into this category.
      • Static mesh - Show only wearables that are made of static (non-moving) mesh. Many accessories fall into this category.
  3. Once you have filtered your results, you may continue to shop normally.

To stop filtering your results, simply un-check the filters you selected during this process.

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