The Chat panel

The Chat panel allows you to communicate with other people in your current experience and respond to direct messages. 

When you are visiting experiences, the Chat panel opens automatically to the Nearby tab. However, in Edit Scene mode, the Chat panel opens to the Friends tab by default.

 In desktop mode

To chat with all nearby people in your experience:

  • Open the Chat panel by choosing Socialize > Chat from the main menu. 
  • Once the Nearby tab opens, write something in the Enter Message field at the bottom of the Chat panel, then press Enter to send a message. 
  • All Nearby messages sent and received from others appears under the Nearby tab.

To reply to a private message:

  • Open the Chat panel by choosing Socialize > Chat from the main menu.  If you have any private messages waiting, a green light appears on the Friends tab; click it to view your messages.
  • On the Friends tab, click the private message you want to reply to then click the > arrow to view the conversation.
  • Type a reply into the Enter Message field, then press Enter to send a reply to only that person.
  • When you are finished, you may click Back to return to your list of private messages.

If you have logged into Sansar using your Twitch account, you can also use the Twitch tab of the Chat panel to access Twitch chat:

Note: Sending and receiving private messages can only be done with friends.  


The Chat panel in VR mode allows you to view messages from nearby people in your current experience in the Nearby tab and private messages in the Messages tab. If you logged into Sansar using your Twitch account, Twitch chat is available in the Twitch tab.

  • You can enter messages using either your computer's keyboard or the VR keyboard that appears when you select the Enter Message field.
  • You can move the Chat panel by grabbing it with your Oculus Touch or Vive Wand and dragging it to a new location.
  • When you move or turn your avatar, the Chat panel moves with you.


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