The Chat and People Apps

The Chat app and the People app are closely related apps, accessible by pressing Chat chat.png at the right side of the screen. They allow you to communicate with your friends and nearby people in an experience.

The Chat app chat.png

The Chat app allows you to communicate with other people in your current experience and respond to direct messages. 

When you are visiting experiences, the Chat app opens automatically to the Nearby tab.  However, in Edit Scene mode, the Chat app opens to the Messages tab by default.

Note: There is no Nearby tab in edit mode.


To chat with all nearby people in your experience:

  • Open the Chat app by pressing Chat chat.png
  • Once the Nearby tab opens, write something in the Say Something field at the bottom of the Chat app, then press Enter to send a message. 
  • All Nearby messages sent and received from others appears under the Nearby tab.

To reply to a private message:

  • Open the Chat app by pressing Chat chat.png.  If you have any private messages waiting, a green light appears on the Messages tab; click it to view your messages.
  • On the Messages tab, click the private message you want to reply to.
  • Type a reply into the Say Something to [name] field, then press Enter to send a reply to only that person.
  • When you are finished, you may click --BACK TO LIST-- to return to your list of private messages.


Note: Sending and receiving private messages can only be done with friends.  


The People app

The People app has tabs to show who's nearby, your Friends list, and pending Friend requests.  You can open the People app by pressing People, which is found in the Chat app.

Nearby - This tab lists all nearby people in your current experience.  For each person on the list, you may click their name and choose to Message them to send a private message as described above, or you may Add Friend to request a mutual friendship.  The other person must first accept your Friend request before they appear on your Friends list. Additionally, you may choose to Mute the selected person in order to silence their voice chat.

Note: There is no Nearby tab in edit mode.

Friends - This displays a list of your Friends, regardless of whether they are online or in your current experience.  For each person on the list, you may click their name to either Message them or Unfriend them, which removes them from your Friends list.  Removed Friends may be re-added later. You may also Mute any friend you select from this list.

Requests - Shows a list of currently pending Friend requests you have received from other people.  For each pending request, you may click the person's name and then press + to accept the request or - to decline.

Search - Enter someone's Avatar ID (without the "@") and press the Search button to return a list of matching results. You may click the resulting name to reveal options to MessageFriend or Unfriend, or Mute that person.

Note: At this time, only one search result is possible at a time because you may only search for Avatar IDs and each Avatar ID is unique.




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