The main menu

The main menu provides access to most of Sansar's panels and features, including the Atlas, avatar customization, chat, and settings.

In desktop mode, the main menu appears as a set of icons at the left side of the screen. In VR mode, you can press the Y button (Oculus Rift) or Left Menu button (HTC Vive) on your VR controller to access the main menu on your left wrist.

Note: The available functions in the main menu may vary depending upon whether you are in VR or Desktop mode, and whether you are visiting or editing a scene.
In desktop mode, the main menu can be found on the right hand side of the screen while visiting an experience or editing a scene.
In VR, the main menu appears on your left wrist when you press Y or the left Menu button, depending upon your VR controller setup.


The main menu is divided into five categories, each containing several functions:


  • Find experiences (Atlas) - Opens the Atlas, a directory of publicly listed experiences for you to visit.
  • Events - Opens the Events panel, allowing you to browse current and upcoming events in Sansar.
  • My calendar - Opens the Events panel directly to your calendar, which contains events you have previously saved.
  • Favorite places - Opens the Atlas directly to the Favorites tab, which contains experiences you have bookmarked as favorites.
  • Leave here - Leaves the experience you are currently visiting and opens the Atlas.


  • Chat - Opens the Chat panel, which allows you to send chat messages to friends and nearby people in your experience.
  • Friends & people - Opens the People panel, which displays your friends list and nearby people in your experience.
  • Edit my profile - Allows you to edit your publicly visible user profile.
  • Take a photo - Allows you to take a screenshot. Includes specific tools for taking screenshots for the Atlas and the Sansar Store.


  • Style my avatar - Opens the Lookbook, your collection of avatar looks and customizations. From here you can customize your existing avatars or import a new one.
  • Host an event - Opens the Events panel and automatically opens the Create Event panel to allow you to create your own event.
  • Make experiences - Opens the My Experiences panel, which lists the experiences you have created and allows you to create new ones.
  • Learn to build - Opens your web browser to this knowledge base, specifically to the Creating in Sansar category.
  • Edit this scene - If you own the scene you are visiting, you can choose this option to enter edit mode and begin editing the scene.


  • Avatar looks - Opens the Sansar Store to the Avatar Looks category.
  • Scene items - Opens the Sansar Store to the Scene creation category.
  • Buy Sansar dollars - Opens the Buy Sansar Dollars panel, which offers Sansar dollar bundles for US dollars.
  • My items for sale - Opens your web browser to the Manage Listings page, which shows all items you are currently selling in the Sansar Store.

More options

  • Full screen/Exit full screen - Enter and exit full screen mode.
  • Settings - Opens the Settings panel, which allows you to tweak and troubleshoot various options in the Sansar client.
  • Controls - Shows a diagram of keyboard and mouse controls for using and navigating Sansar.
  • Diagnostics - Overlays the diagnostics toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Help & Reporting - Provides specific version information about Sansar and provides links for finding help and reporting abuse.
  • Log out - Log out of Sansar.

Turn mic on/off 

Toggle your microphone for voice chat. This menu object does not have any additional functions.

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