The App Launcher

An app in Sansar is a screen or panel that performs a specific function, such as customizing your avatar or picking an experience to visit. In desktop mode, these apps are launched by clicking the buttons that appear on the right side of the Sansar client. In VR mode, you can press the spacebar on your keyboard to display the App Launcher. Alternatively, you can also access the App Launcher by pressing on the following buttons depending on your VR headset and controllers: the Y button (Oculus Rift), the Left Menu button (HTC Vive) or the Start button (game controller).  

Note: The apps available on the App Launcher may change depending on whether or not you are in VR/Desktop Mode and/or visiting/editing a scene.
In desktop mode, the App Launcher can be found on the right hand side of the screen while visiting an experience or editing a scene.


Available apps:

  • avatar.png   The Lookbook app allows you to change the appearance of your avatar.
    Note: This app is not yet available in Edit Scene mode or in VR mode.
  • atlas.png   The Atlas app allows you to browse and visit experiences in Sansar.
  • my_scenes.png   The My Experiences app helps you create and manage experiences and scenes. For more information, see Managing your Scenes and Experiences.
  • edit_scene.png   The Edit Scene app allows you to jump in and edit your own experience immediately.
    Note: This button only appears on the App Launcher if you are visiting an experience that you have created.

  • chat.png   The Chat and People app allows you to text chat with the other people present in the experience.  The Chat app also contains the People app, which shows nearby people, your friends list, and friend requests. The Chat and People apps are available even when not visiting or editing a scene.

The App Launcher offers some other non-app functions:

  • voice.png   turns your microphone on and off. If your mic is on, other people present in the scene can hear you talk.
  • hmd.png   switches between desktop mode and VR mode, if available. If you want to use a head-mounted display such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, switch into VR mode.
  • more.png   provides additional options depending upon your current activity. Most importantly, it allows you to access Help & Reporting to find online help, report bugs, and report inappropriate content.  This button also give you access to ScreenshotDiagnosticsReturn to Atlas, Settings, and Exit Sansar.



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