The Atlas App

The Atlas shows all the experiences you can visit in Sansar - experiences that other people have created as well as your own. In the instructions below, “click” means either:

  • Left-click using the mouse
  • Press the “A” button on Oculus Rift controls or game controller.
  • Press the "right menu" button on the HTC Vive controls. 

Browse experiences

  1. If you are using a VR headset, press the Start button on your controller or the spacebar on your keyboard to display the App Launcher.
  2. Click the Atlas button atlas.png.
  3. Three categories of experiences are shown: All, Sansar Studios, and My Experiences. There is also a Create button (desktop mode only), which allows you to create or edit your own experiences.
  4. Choose one of the lists using the AllSansar Studios, or My Experiences tabs.
  5. When you find an experience you are interested in…
    1. To see more information about the experience, click the experience image.
    2. To travel to the experience, click the Visit button next to the experience name.

Use a link to visit an experience

Available only in desktop mode.

  1. If you receive a link in email or outside Sansar, click the link to visit.
  2. If you are currently in an experience in Sansar, you may paste the link into chat and click to visit the linked experience.

Obtain a link to an experience

Available only in desktop mode.

    1. Click the Atlas button atlas.png to open the Atlas.
    2. Select an experience from the Atlas and click on the image to bring up the experience details page.
    3. Select the Copy URL button.
    4. The link is placed on your clipboard.
    5. You can paste the link into Chat, email, or a webpage. People can click on the link to visit that experience without needing to find it in the Atlas.
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