Update R.44.0.0 (1/17/23)

Hey folks, a much needed update is live! Check below for details!


  • Edit mode list type crash
  • Edit mode Trigger Volume crash
  • DST bug when editing existing events
  • Prevent blocked users from unmuting each other
  • Sansar crashes when renaming an object
  • Recall searches in the Marketplace when going back
  • Non-English system language fails to load Sansar
  • Head deformation while dancing


  • New users should teleport to social hub
  • Remove login Twitch + Steam registration (Client)
  • Use the starting world chosen in settings when leaving the lookbook
  • Disable keyboard shortcuts for simulation in the lookbook
  • Prevent usage of F1 shortcut while in Cinema Mode


  • Improve Xbox controller functionality
  • Support for non-parallel projection VR lenses
  • Create a keyboard shortcut to hide UI 
    • CTRL+H hides/unhides UI
  • UI Scaling for large resolutions
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