Importing hair


Importing hair

If you have created your own hair, you may import it to Sansar to either wear on your avatar or sell in the Sansar Store.

  1. While in Sansar, click Lookbook at the top of the app launcher.
  2. Select one of your looks and click the Customize button.
  3. Click the Hair tab, which looks like a comb Hair_tab_icon.png
  4. Click Add Hair.
  5. In the Import Character Clothing panel that appears:
    • Click Browse to choose either a rigged mesh (.fbx or .obj) or Marvelous Designer (.samd) model from your computer.
      • Optionally, click Materials Settings to choose specific shaders and textures for the hair.
    • Click Browse to choose a thumbnail image (.png) to represent the hair in your Lookbook inventory.
    • Name the item. It is assigned a name based on the object's file name by default.
  6. Click Import to import the hair object to your Lookbook inventory.
  7. You may now wear the hair by clicking it in your inventory, or list it on the Sansar Store by clicking the triangle in the corner of the thumbnail and choosing List.


While editing a look, click Add Hair on the hair tab to begin the process of importing a hair object.

Important notes for hair creators

  • In order to render properly, the name of the hair material must include the word "_hair_". This is a signal that lets Sansar know that this is a hair object so it can render it accordingly. If you forget this step, your hair may not render correctly.
  • In order to work best with the color chooser in the Lookbook, the hair's albedo map should use white or light gray. Any other colors will blend with the selected color in the Lookbook and may not appear as intended.

Import requirements

Some requirements and restrictions are imposed on importing hair. Please make sure that your accessories follow these guidelines:

  • File type -.fbx, .obj and .samd formats are supported.
  • Size limit - As of the Fashion Release (December 18, 2017), hair can have any size provided it is within the avatar's AABB (see Proximity to the avatar, below).
  • Triangle count - The avatar hair must be less than 8,000 triangles. 
  • Proximity to the avatar - Avatar hair must be close to the avatar. The entire accessory must be within the Axis Aligned Bounding Box (AABB) of the avatar. The AABB's area is as follows: 0.9m left and right, 0.9m front and back, and 2.2m tall from the feet of the avatar, and 0.05m below the avatar (to account for shoes).
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