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As Star Wars fans eagerly await the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15, the virtual Hollywood Art Museum in Sansar will be the place to view exclusive historic production art from the franchise, engage with other fans, and join some exciting virtual social events - all from the comfort of home.

Opening to the public on December 9, HWAM’s first exhibition is a unique collection of Star Wars production pieces, including the very first drawings made for the film franchise and never-before-seen production art from the original trilogy by Lucasfilm alum Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie, Phil Tippett, Drew Struzan, Colin Cantwell, and more.

To celebrate this world premiere, HWAM will be hosting a private pop-up gallery at one of Los Angeles’s oldest art supply stores, which happens to be where George Lucas’s visual effects company, Industrial Light & Magic, acquired many of the supplies the artists used to create these early Star Wars works in the mid-seventies. The event will feature both the original physical art and VR stations where attendees can get a first look at the ground-breaking experience created with Sansar.

The week of December 11, Greg will provide daily guided tours of the gallery, including special surprise guests.

About the Hollywood Art Museum

The Hollywood Art Museum is a virtual experience created with Sansar, the world’s leading social VR platform. Using highly detailed avatars, visitors will be able to explore the 3D museum together with others from around the world, using VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, or Windows PCs.

HWAM is dedicated to the preservation and education of art used in entertainment. The museum’s goal is to help new artists using digital mediums find fresh inspiration in the traditional arts of Hollywood’s past. The exhibits will feature high resolution images of the original drawings and paintings, as well as 3D models of production used sculptures, makeups, miniatures, and tools.

The museum's creator is Greg Aronowitz, a renowned director, designer, writer, producer, and practical effects professional whose 30-year career in entertainment includes credits such as Jurassic Park: Lost World, X-Files, Saving Private Ryan, Contact, Terminator 2, and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Greg is an avid collector who has amassed an incredible collection of Hollywood production art, from storyboards to costume sketches, concept drawings, models, and more. These pieces provide an intimate view into the creative process behind some of the world's most beloved films. The fascinating collection shows the history of production art in Hollywood, spanning from Citizen Kane to Transformers: The Last Knight, but has been inaccessible to the general public - until the launch of the virtual Hollywood Art Museum.


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