Meeting Notes for November 17, 2017


The latest Product Meetup was held at the Hall of Materials.


The latest Product Meetup was held at the Hall of Materials, a new Creator Academy experience dedicated to helping creators explore the materials capabilities of Sansar. Attendees were given an overview of the many interactive kiosks that are designed to help creators learn about the various shaders and physics materials, as well as how texture values interact and impact one another.

To learn more, read our recent blog post...or, better yet, explore the Hall of Materials in Sansar!



Visitors can test out 15 different audio materials at the Hall of Materials.

A highlight of the Hall of Materials is a circular room devoted to audio materials. Senior producer and sound designer Torley was on hand to share some best practices in use of audio materials in the Sansar creation process. During the meetup, he encouraged visitors to walk on the audio materials tiles, and hear the different footstep sounds and reverb effects.

Note that these are temporary examples (for example, the "snow" tile is currently a placeholder that uses the "grass" sound), and audio materials will sound a lot better in the Fashion Release (slated for December): each audio material will have a distinct identity (instead of several sharing the same sounds as they do now), there'll be a greater range of expressivity, and walking and running footsteps will also be differentiated.


At the Hall of Materials, visitors can learn via many interactive kiosks.

Furthermore, we'll have per-material occlusion, which means that some audio materials (like concrete) will block sounds much stronger than others (like bushes). There'll also be special "Silent" materials to totally block sound or pass it through, for improved sonic control in your scenes.

Want to learn more? Visit the Hall of Materials or explore the Working with Audio knowledge base on


Community members explored the Hall of Materials at the most recent Product Meetup.



What voice chat improvements are coming?

Many! In the Fashion Release, there'll be a noise gate that silences reasonable background noise, making it easier to speak hands-free, especially if you don’t like to manually toggle the microphone mute button.

There'll also be more consistent loudness levels. The near-field radius before falloff for voice chat (and point audio emitters) will be increased from 1 to 2 meters, which makes it easier to hear someone when you're standing further, particularly in a larger crowd. There'll also be a subtle dynamic compressor to help even out voices, similar to how it's done in radio broadcasting.

And as part of our new Audio Levels in Settings, we're including an overall voice chat volume slider so you can balance it relative to in-scene soundscapes and other sounds.

Will Sansar be able to support events that have large audiences?

Currently, live events in Sansar are somewhat limited by the capacity of each instance. However, we’re working on some new ways to bring real-time events (such as music performances) in Sansar to even larger audiences, so more people can share an experience at the same time. Stay tuned!

What options are available to “ban” or “mute” someone in Sansar?

You can already “mute” someone if they are acting disruptively. By muting someone, you effectively silence their voice chat for you personally (but other people can still hear them). Learn more in our knowledge base article titled “Muting Avatars.”

What about controls that regulate who can or cannot access our experiences?

It’s on the way soon! We’ll soon be releasing the first version of Sansar access controls that allow creators to better control who can access their experiences. Initially, you'll be able to choose whether your experience should be open to everyone or accessible only to your Sansar friends, and additional options will be added in the future.

During the meeting, several community members shared their “wish list” for access control features. For example, some users want the ability to create and manage a blacklist that permanently blocks someone from accessing an experience.

Do you have a feature request or thoughts on how Sansar access controls should work? Add your thoughts in the  “Access Control Wish List” forum thread.


Did you miss the most recent Product Meetup? Check out the Meetup Announcements section on to stay informed about future opportunities to interact with the Sansar development team.

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