Meeting Notes for November 10, 2017


The latest meeting was held at the Conference Stage in Sansar.

The Sansar creator community learned more about the forthcoming Fashion Release, as well as new improvements to the Sansar Store and Atlas at the morning and afternoon Product Meetups held Nov. 10.


The Fashion Release is getting closer! Tentatively scheduled for mid-December, this update aims to improve Sansar support for a thriving fashion economy with several enhancements including the introduction of character mesh models. Despite the emphasis on fashion, the development team is also hoping to include some non-fashion elements including improvements to audio level controls, the ability to change audio materials on a terrain, an in-app event calendar and terrain heightmap importing.



Expect some improvements to the Sansar Store throughout the month, according to Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas. While specific details have not been announced, you can expect that there will be some branding and featured item enhancements soon. Vendors have already seen one improvement on the Web with the new Sales feature on the Manage Listings dashboard that provides some basic customer information for each item sold.




Looking for events in Sansar? Last week, the Sansar team revamped the web version of the Atlas to include a new “Upcoming Events” section, located between the top featured experience banner and the “Recommended Experiences” section. In the short-term, you’ll see official Sansar Community and Product Meetups listed here. You’ll soon see community-managed events here, too. To submit your event for consideration, email Include the date, time (in Pacific) and description of your event.


A new Creator Academy experience dedicated to helping creators explore the materials capabilities of Sansar is now live! The Hall of Materials used interactive kiosks to help creators learn about the various shaders and physics materials, as well as how texture values interact and impact one another. Read our recent blog post to learn more and explore the Hall of Materials in Sansar!


Attendees showed off their holiday spirit (and their antlers) at the latest Sansar Product Meetup.


While the holiday season is still officially a few weeks away, over a dozen attendees showed off their spirit by donning a pair of Christmas Antlers with blinking lights. You can get your for free now - available for both men and women by Beverly Zauberflote. Check out the Sansar Store for even more holiday accessories.

...and the Sansar Santa may have a special holiday surprise for creators, too. Cara shared news that our own Torley is working on a snow-themed audio material to help creators ready their experiences for the winter holiday.


Here are some highlights of the community Q&A portion of the Product Meetups:

Is there a maximum number of friends that we can add on Sansar?

Sansar experiences are great solo -- but even better with friends, so add as many friends as you like. There’s no limit!

Is there a way that creators can get a downloadable version of the Sansar built-in system terrain textures so that creators can better blend their own items with the terrain in their scene?

We’ll look into this as we’ll need to determine whether this makes sense as a separate downloadable file (in the knowledge base) versus something available inside the app (without requiring any download).

When will Sansar users have better control on customizing the user interface (such as being able to resize the chat window)?

Our internal tools that we use to build the user interface are still being reworked and when they are ready we’ll be able to introduce more customizable UI options including the ability to resize windows. There are also plans to improve the existing UI including the people/chat windows and message notifications in the future.

Will you be adding the ability to sort, search, and filter through our inventory?

Yes! We acknowledge the pain points brought about by the inventory. We’re working on getting these features on the roadmap.

Will you accept code submissions to improve or add features to Sansar from the community?

We always welcome new feature requests and ideas, but we are not actively soliciting actual code submissions at this time. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to us with their specific ideas or code-related questions at our weekly Product Meetups or the feature request section of the forums.

Will Sansar users be able to select which experiences remain cached on their local hard drives so that future visits to our favorite experiences are loaded more quickly?

We’re discussing this, but we don’t have a solution yet on how to give users control over which experiences get saved.

When will PayPal be supported to buy and sell Sansar Dollars?

It is on our priority list, but we don’t have anything to announce yet. We know that this is of great interest to many of our non-U.S. users, so we’re looking into it.

Will we be able to preview items from within our inventory (such as a thumbnail or icon)?

This is not on our immediate roadmap, but we’ve discussed it for eventual resourcing.

Will clothing attachments be gender-specific?

In the short-term, they will be. However, we’ll look at “unisex” and gender-neutral options in the longer-term.


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