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Marvelous Designer is a 3D virtual clothing creation tool that allows you to design clothing by creating patterns, such as those used in sewing. Clothing made in Marvelous Designer can be manipulated using cloth simulation in Sansar's Lookbook, allowing you to customize the way your avatar wears each piece of clothing. For example, you could add a long-sleeved shirt to your avatar in the appearance editor, and then use cloth simulation to roll up the sleeves, smooth out bunches and wrinkles, or pop the collar.

Marvelous Designer clothing can be identified in the Sansar Store by the Made with Marvelous Designer banner that appears on relevant listings. While editing your avatar in the Lookbook, Marvelous Designer clothing is identified with an "M" logo on the clothing's thumbnail image.

Clothing marked with Marvelous Designer's "M" logo in the Lookbook clothing inventory.

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Two images of the same avatar wearing the same Marvelous Designer clothes before and after adjustment in the appearance editor using cloth simulation. Note the sleeves, pant legs, and collar.


  • At this time, cloth simulation is limited to the appearance editor. This means that you can use cloth simulation to adjust the fit of your clothing, but the final result will be "baked" into your avatar and the cloth will not continue to simulate while visiting a scene.
  • Marvelous Designer clothing cannot currently be resized. This means that while a large avatar can technically squeeze into a small shirt using cloth simulation, the shirt will merely stretch (but not re-size) accordingly.
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