Upcoming events in Sansar

Finding and visiting events

You can view upcoming events in Sansar by visiting the Atlas on the Sansar website. To check out an upcoming event:

  1. Visit the Atlas on the Sansar website (the Atlas inside Sansar does not currently show upcoming events).
  2. Click the title or image of an event listed under Upcoming events.
  3. Check the time of the experience, and if you wish to visit the venue, click the the experience link to open Sansar and visit the experience.
  4. Click Ok, got it to close the dialog in the web dialog and continue browsing.
Click an upcoming event's image or title, then click the experience to visit the venue.

Adding your events to the calendar

You may submit your own events to our events team for approval and possible addition to the Upcoming events calendar.

Note: All events are subject to the event team's approval at this time. Not all events are guaranteed to be added to the events calendar.

Request an addition to the event calendar:

  1. Send an email to events@sansar.com requesting to add your event into the events calendar.
  2. You receive an email confirming your submission. At this time, the events team begins reviewing the event.
  3. If the events team decides to feature your event, they may contact you with additional questions about the event and may request a short description for use in the event calendar.
  4. Once this is done, the event is added to the events calendar and remains active until the time of the event has passed.

Your event request email must include the following:

  • Title - A title for the event.
  • Location - A URL for the experience at which the event will be held.
  • Time - The time the event will be held, in PST.
  • Description - A short and simple description of the event. The events team may edit the description. Note: No additional links allowed apart from the location URL.


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