Meeting Notes for November 03, 2017


Something strange is happening at The Diner by C3rb3rus.

Space aliens and Sansar creators clashed at the latest Product Meetup, held Nov. 3 at The Diner by C3rb3rus. The experience recently won top prize in the Sansar’s Scariest Experiences contest. The retro sci-fi spot also features a drive-in theater and a 50s diner -- but any potential appetite by attendees was quickly lost once they entered and noticed the pool of blood on the floor.


Someone sure spilled a lot of ketchup at The Diner...wait, that’s not ketchup!

Under the observation of low-hovering and menacing spaceships, creators cautiously met adjacent to a Roswell, New Mexico welcome sign to discuss Sansar’s Friends Release. Several new social features have now been added, including the ability to search and find friends inside the app and the ability to identify avatars in desktop mode by simply hovering your mouse cursor over an avatar. View the Release Notes for a full list of the new features.


Aliens invade the local drive-in theater at The Diner by C3rb3rus.


So what’s next for Sansar? Now that the Friends Release is out, our developers are already hard at work on the next few updates for the remainder of the year.  The Store Release will offer major improvements to the Sansar Store, while the Fashion Release will improve Sansar support for a thriving fashion economy.

See the blog post “Next on the Sansar Roadmap” to learn more about the Fashion Release.


The Vinnie Show performs live in Sansar.


Are live performances possible in Sansar? Absolutely! In fact, the very first live music concerts appeared over the past week as a few pioneering musicians began to experiment with performing in Sansar.

It all began on Halloween night, as musician Oblee became the very first musician to hold a live concert in Sansar at his own Spontaneous Live Music venue. Watch a bit of Oblee’s inaugural Sansar performance below:

A similar milestone was achieved on Nov. 2, as The Vinnie Show performed the first booked concert at someone else’s venue in Sansar. The event was held at Alfy’s Arena Live Music Stage, which already has plans for even more concerts. Those in attendance were treated to several fun songs -- including a few that contained cheeky Sansar references in the lyrics.

Check out a brief video highlight of the show below:

Got an event in Sansar that you want us to promote? We'll soon have a process for event submissions, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to share your events in our new events_and_meetups channel in Discord.


Web-based profiles, synchronized video/audio, the ability to sit, and support for HUDs were among the features requested at the latest meeting. All of these requests have been noted and are being looked at for potential resourcing in the future. In addition, creators had several questions for the Sansar development team including:

What types of support can the community expect for live events in Sansar?

On the web, you’ll soon see an area of the Atlas that supports featured events. We’ll soon communicate how experience creators can submit their events for consideration. It may be an email address in the short term that we’ll monitor and use for event curation. Also, in the longer term, we aim to offer event moderation tools that help experience creators better manage and control their live events.

Will we be able to see the number of people in each experience in the Atlas?

We’re looking at eventually adding this, as well as other ways to help people identify where the hottest spots are in Sansar including improvements on where to find people in Sansar.

How do you decide what is featured prominently near the top of the Atlas?

In the short term, it will be editorially curated with lots of variables that we plan to look at including the quality, popularity, and newness of each experience. We do want it to be dynamic and ever-changing, so that there is a constant rotation of what is featured. In the future, we may have high-profile strategic or paid partnerships with experience creators that we want to promote.

What is being done to help teach new users about how to use Sansar?

The new user on-boarding process is currently under discussion with improvements expected in 2018. For example, we’re looking closely at what the first login experience should be and we are already adding several knowledge base articles and tutorial videos to the Help section on In addition, a new video tutorial playlist was recently added to the official Sansar channel on YouTube.

In the near future, you’ll also see a few new Sansar experiences that teach users some best practices in creation including the new Hall of Materials experience and Creator Academy.

Will Sansar support Vertex animation or keyframed animation of individual vertices of a mesh for complicated motions (such as ocean waves, flag waving, etc.)?

There isn’t anything yet on the roadmap, but we’ll investigate this as a new feature request.

Will the community be able to add larger size attachments to their avatar in the future?

We are going to look closely at this to potentially loosen up the restrictions a bit in the future.


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