Meeting Notes for October 26, 2017


Attendees at the latest Sansar Product Meetup met at Darkwood Forest by C2rb3rus.

The latest morning and afternoon Product Meetups, held Oct. 26, featured new insights about the next Sansar release and even a few spooky surprises for attendees. Both meetings were held at Darkwood Forest, a new fantasy experience by C3rbrus.  Blogger and Sansar enthusiast Ryan Schultz, who recently selected this experience as his “pick of the day” on the Sansar Newsblog, describes Darkwood Forest as “wonderfully atmospheric” and reminiscent of the Ewok Village in “Return of the Jedi.”


A highlight of this week’s Product Meetup was the appearance of an animated tree man at Darkwood Forest.

Lurking deep within this experience is an imposing animated tree man that caught some attendees by surprise. Creator C3rbus recently shared how the animated creature was developed using various 3D modeling tools and imported into Sansar in an insightful (and inspiring) YouTube video.


Both the morning and afternoon meetups included a lively discussion about the new Friends Release, due later this week. As mentioned in the “Next on the Roadmap: the Friends & Fashion Releases” blog post, the Friends Release includes several new social-focused updates that improve how the community connects with each other. For example, a new search option enables users to find people by their Avatar ID. In addition, desktop users will now be able to identify each other with a click. Events will soon be easier to find, too.

A new Events section in the Web-based Atlas will soon showcase virtual meet-ups and other special events. Once it debuts, it will appear below the main featured experience slider on the Atlas within the website.

Check out the recent blog post for more specifics -- including more details about the Fashion Release due later this year.


There were lots of areas to discover at Darkwood Forest.


Will we be able to stop and start animated objects?

It is on the roadmap. We definitely want to give everyone the ability to better control animated objects, whether it be stopping/starting a script or defining from what point to point the animation should play.


What audio improvements can we expect in Sansar?

In the next release, the voice volume level will be boosted according to senior producer and sound designer Torley. In the longer term, we are investigating better noise reduction and normalization to better equalize people’s voices when they speak. Torley has also been experimenting with other audio improvements for Sansar, including use of reverb and controllable fall-off curves for audio.

During the meeting, Torley reminded attendees that they can post their audio questions and/or learn more tips and tricks in the Audio section of the Community forums.

Will there be a tool or visual indicator available that will allow creators to see how much a scene or experience uses server and CPU resources?

While resource metrics and/or management tools are not yet being actively developed for Sansar, we do realize how they could be useful for the community to optimize their creations. This suggestion is being forwarded to the development team for future roadmap planning and potential resourcing.

Can you add a trigger volume to a null object so that it is visible in edit mode but invisible to visitors to your experience?

For an in-depth response to and explanation of this technical question, see the discussion post “Visible to editor, invisible to visitors.”

On the Sansar Store, will the star ratings remain or will they go away?

During previous Product Meetups, we’ve received mixed feedback from the community on the current star rating on each product page. While we haven’t finalized our decision on the fate of the star rating system, we are looking at the possibility of either modifying, improving, or removing it.


Meetup attendees were able to explore Darkwood Forest on foot, boat and even airship.

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