Meeting Notes for October 20, 2017


This week’s meeting was held at Witchy’s Upside Down by Beverly Zauberflote.



There’s lots of exciting new features on the way for Sansar in the coming months. We’ll be announcing more details of our roadmap very soon, but attendees of the recent Sansar Product Meetups already got a sneak peek of what to expect next. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the forthcoming Friends Release will make it easy to find friends, fun, and crowds in Sansar. For the first time, users will be able to search and find their friends in Sansar.

Keep an eye on our blog for more specific details on what to expect in the next few months.


Everyone is welcome at our weekly Sansar Product Meetups...even the living dead.


Want to meet people and mingle in Sansar? Don’t miss out on any of our last community social events this month -- a live music event with Oblee on Halloween. See the blog post “October in Sansar is Going to Be Scary Good!” for more details.


Our recent Sansar’s Scariest Experiences and Sansar’s Top Avatar Props competitions have now come to an end. There were several amazing entries that were reviewed by our judging committee and winners will be announced in the next week! Stay tuned to our Sansar blog for a list of winners.

Even more community contests are in the works, so stay tuned!


Watch classic movies with friends in Sansar? Stranger things have happened.

Each week, the Sansar community has a chance to ask our development team questions during the Product Meetup. Here are some highlights from the most recent meetings:


Will Sansar support the Windows 10 mixed reality headsets?
Maybe. In the short term, development remains focused on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, the development team is watching closely the latest developments involving the Windows 10 headsets.

What is the difference between an Avatar ID and an Avatar Name in Sansar?
Currently, the primary way to differentiate people in Sansar is through the Avatar ID. This is a unique identifier that is linked solely to your account -- and it is not changeable. No two users will ever have the same Avatar ID.

However, there is also an additional Avatar Name that can be used for your public identity. The Avatar Name is not unique to your account, so it is possible that there may be multiple people using some popular or creative names in Sansar. In the short term, the Avatar Name is fixed but in the future you may be able to change it.

 Learn more information about the Avatar Name and Avatar ID on

 When will we have more avatar animations, such as sitting, jumping, etc.?\
We’re working on it! We’re building support for animations from scratch, so there is quite a bit of development work needed to do this right.

When will Sansar support PayPal?
We do plan to support PayPal as an option. In particular, we’re aware that this is desirable for those people who do not want to (or cannot) use a credit or debit card for their payment method. The Sansar development team aims to make this available as soon as possible; however, we don’t have an estimate on availability yet.

Will underwear be baked into the next iteration of avatars?
Yes. When an avatar “undresses” in Sansar, it will have some form of underwear to prevent public nudity.

Will there be improvements to interactions with scripted objects in a Sansar experience?
More mouse-click interactions are coming. You’ll soon have better ability to interact with scripted objects so that you can open doors, click light switches, and much more.

Will we be able to see how populated a Sansar experience is so that we can find other people to chat with? What about the ability to find where our friends are at in Sansar?
Yes to both questions. Soon you’ll see information on the Atlas that shows how many people are in an experience. You’ll also soon be able to locate where your friends are at in Sansar -- but that is a feature that you can also disable if you don’t want to be found. Both features are high on the priority list, according to Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas.

What are the limits in size to our avatar attachments?
The current limitation is 1m x 1m x 1m with a tri-count of 15K per attachment. We’re continuing to gather feedback from the community on whether or not to make changes to this specification in the future.

To learn more, visit the article Avatar Attachments (Accessories) on

When will creators be able to update their existing listings on the Sansar Store?
This is high on the priority list for updates, according to Senior Product Manager Carolyn Gudmundson.

Will there be a better way to showcase time-sensitive social events in Sansar?
Yes! Look for this to be available soon with the upcoming events section in the Atlas on the web and, eventually, within Sansar.


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