Sansar’s Scariest and Top Avatar Props Contest Winners!

Hello Creators,

Back in September, we launched two thrilling creator contests - looking for Sansar’s Scariest experience to explore with friends, and one for Avatar Props across Most Innovative, Best Halloween Costume, Funniest, and Most Fashionable categories.

We received some incredible submissions for both competitions, and it was a tough job for our judges to select the winners. We’re happy to announce the winners today and want to thank all participants for making this so hard on our judges. It was not only nerve-wracking to try to pick the winners, but exploring each submission was hair-raising, spine-chilling, and totally thrilling - perfect for some scary fun! Make sure you take some time to explore all of the incredible experiences in the Atlas.

To help select a winner, we invited a special guest judge to join us - journalist and VR consultant Alice Bonasio. Alice has written extensively on VR and contributed to publications including VRScout, WIRED, Fast Company, and The Next Web. In addition to the difficult task of helping pick the winner, Alice shared some great feedback on the submissions, and we’ve included a few quotes from her below.


1st Place
The Diner by C3rb3rus


A dark, seemingly abandoned Diner that's just on the side of the quiet road, and an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater set the scene for an unsettling encounter with the unknown. Did you hear that? It sounds like someone calling for help!

Alice's comments:

"The lighting and textures here were amazing, so nuanced. The flying saucer looked fantastic, as did the MGM lion projected on the drive-in screen in the background. ... Great use of sound effects, and also the best “jump up in fright” moment of any of the experiences!"

Honorable Mention: Paranormal Investigation by Abramelin Wolfe


Join the 'Ghost Catchers' and take part in a paranormal investigation this Halloween exploring a very haunted house. Many rooms with many ghosts. Some nice, some.....not so nice!

Alice's comments:

"Really those visuals were worthy of a triple A game, some nice use of sound effects like creaky floorboards, and lots of creepy stuff. Loved the Ghostbusters- style flying books too."

Additional Experiences to Note

Alice had a lot to share about her experience exploring many of the other submissions and we wanted to share that feedback with you.

Stasis Interrupted - Chapter 1 by Tyler Scarborough

A space ship where something has gone horribly horribly wrong - find your way to the escape pod, or face a most terrible fate! Try not to get lost in all those dark, flickering halls.

Alice's comments:

"Well, you had me at “Alien with Zombies” … the atmosphere and slick look are absolutely stunning, as is the use of sound, the way it builds up or comes across as muffled depending on where you are. This is all about building up suspense and atmosphere ..."

Miner Difficulties by Through The Waterfall

The dark is a very scary place..... better bring a light.

Alice's comments:

"... I like the way you were assigned a little bird as a guide to your experience ..."

Joyride by Alex

Follow the path , don't stray . Keep on walking all the way. Studio Skye presents a halloween journey to oblivion. This is a VR optimised experience so strap on your headset and get fully immersed. If you don't have VR yet, turn off the light, get close to your screen, get some headphones on and enjoy!

Alice's comments:

"This was a great multi-faceted experience. It kept me guessing the whole time, from the phantom cars to the strident sounds coming from all around you. The landscape changed from realistic to Tim Burton-esque to surreal with the cave and the different portals. It was easy to navigate and left me with the feeling that there was a lot more to explore, in a good way."

Witchy’s Upside Down by everly Zauberflote

Where houses once stood, now rubble scars the landscape. Where a mighty stream flowed peacefully, lava bubble and hisses along menacingly. Creatures slither along below and fly above, a foreboding cave appears to have grown in the once peaceful mountainside, and, it is so, dark. And yet, it holds the secret back!

Alice's comments:

"Like visiting a picnic area in hell.  Funny to see the skeletons just hanging around."

House of Woe by Nick the Brain Guy

The family's here although quite fraught,
All their bodies have gone to rot,
But yet they haunt these blighted halls,
Visages trapped on Mildewed walls,
Now take a candle against the dark,
Face the terrors both grave and stark,
And if you stay within its glow,
You may just escape The house of Woe.

Alice's comments:

"I do have  a soft spot for how much it feels like the intro to Resident Evil (yes, the first one) Brings back fond memories ..."

Spinnervale by Debi Baskerville

You've been invited to dinner, but your hosts have mysteriously disappeared. What happened to them?

Alice's comments:

"The contrast between the bright daylight and the shady forest/cave. The spiders moved really well and the treasure-hunt structure to the experience, with the ghoulish find at the end, worked really well."

Trick or Treat by SIN and Solas

Created by Solas and SIN ~ As the evening draws near and the light disappears, Take to the street with anticipation of fear, Go door to door asking for delights, Not knowing the dangers that dwell in the night. Grab the FREE Candy Buckets from the Store (link provided upon arrival) and find your way through the Crypt to join our Spooky Halloween Party - Happy Halloween

Alice's comments:

"I loved the tongue-in-cheek tone of this experience, had a real fairground ride feel to it, and the visuals were spookily fun rather than scary."


It was fantastic to see how quickly the community got creative with the introduction of avatar attachments in Sansar. We saw so many cool and innovative things making their way into the community meetups and product meetups, that having a contest around avatar props seemed like a fun way to recognize that creativity!

Be sure to take a regular look at the amazing wearable and other items in the store - there’s new stuff coming in all the time!

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Most Innovative

  • Winner - Cat - Daemon (Female)
  • Honorable Mention - ilkie -  Bunny Me


Best Halloween Costume


Most Fashionable

Congratulations to all of our winners, honorable mentions, and participants. We’ll be announcing our next contest soon - so stay tuned!


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