Next on the Sansar Roadmap: the Friends & Fashion Releases

The Discovery Release made it easier to find the best Sansar experiences and Store items, with additional search capabilities and curated featuring. Now we’re ready to share the great things coming in Sansar’s next few releases so you know what to expect.

The Friends Release


Sansar’s more fun with friends, old & new!

The Friends Release will make it easy to find friends, fun, and crowds in Sansar. You’ll be able find your friends in Sansar and grow your friends list by simply searching for their names.

The Friends release will also make it easier to make friends in desktop mode! You’ll be able to click on avatars to view their names, just like you can today in VR.

A new Events section in the Atlas on the Web will showcase virtual meet-ups and special events to attend - you never know who’ll you’ll meet! Also new to the Atlas will be sorting - making it easy for you to see what’s new or newly updated, and to browse alphabetically.

The Friends Release will also include improvements to the flow for publishing experiences you create, as well as a new option in desktop and VR mode to open up a list of Sansar’s controls.


The Fashion Release


Show off your virtual style!

Get ready, because Sansar is getting a fashion market! Designers will be able to create and sell avatar outfits, and you can expand your virtual wardrobes with looks from the Store. An exciting new technology integration will enable designers to create and sell avatar clothing that moves and folds naturally.

This release will also give you more privacy options for your experiences. You’ll be able to restrict access to just the people on your Sansar friends list (or of course, make them publicly accessible like you can today).

The Store is getting an updated design, which will include more branding options for creators as well as the ability for the Sansar team to present curated collections of selected sellers and items.

There’s even more awesome updates planned for this release, including improvements to full-body IK, support for importing terrain height maps, and audio materials for terrain.

More on the way!

We’ll share detailed release notes on the above once they go live, which you can follow on our community platform.

Be sure to join our official Discord Community, where chatting with other Sansar creators and community members is easy and fun. You can also join us in the forums, follow us on twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

See you in VR!
The Sansar Team

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