Halloween Festival - Cannonball Dodgeball Tournament Friday 10/27 at 10 am (PT)

Blitz Dodge Cannon Ball Tournament at Starry Stars and Stuff

Come to the fall festival under the stars - spiced cider brews in the cauldron ( don't mind that bright green color, it's just food coloring), and the stars are shimmering brightly in anticipation of Sansar's first ever Blitz Dodge Cannon Ball Tournament. Who will come out on top as the last Sansarian standing? Join us st 10 am (PT) on Friday, October 27th to find out if it's you. Event will be at my little space  -  Starry Stars and Stuff.


Don't Be Left in the Dark! Live Show on Halloween Night October 31st

Sansar's first ever live music show is coming to us on Halloween night, courtesy of Oblee. Doors open early, but show starts at 6 om (PT) so you'll still have plenty of time to get your Halloween on afterhours.

Get your VR dance moves on point,because you will want to shake it. This event will be held at The Spontaneous Live Music experience. I hear decor is still being worked on, so watch your step should you show up before the show!


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