Sansar's 1st and Spookiest Karaoke Event at 2 pm - October 21

Hello Sansarians!

This afternoon we'll be holding Sansar's 1st ever Karaoke event at 2 pm (PT) - at Sin's Studio Club - Karaoke & Hang-Out - where it seems that things have taken a turn for the festively ghoulish.


Come out and exorcise those vocal chords to the spooky classic tunes of Halloweens past and present! The setlist is available below - and will play in the order seen here. Step up and brave the fate of a future Sansar singing sensation - and don't be shy! We'll more than likely hop in to sing along, because it's more fun to have a room full of backup singers in VR than it is to go solo.


Halloween Karaoke Playlist - 2hr Set

NOTE: Each song has a 1 minute Fill-In Tune to give the singers time to move up next to the DJ
(some of the transitions are tight so be prepared for the words)

001 Nightmare - This is Halloween

002 Thriller

003 Ghostbusters

004 Monster Mash

005 Rocky Horror - Sweet Transvestite

006 Halloween Aqua

007 Superstition

008 Rocky Horror - Time Warp

009 Boo

010 Rocky Horror - Whatever Happened to Saturday Night

011 Purple People Eater

012 Adams Family

013 Rocky Horror - Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me

014 Re Your Brains

015 Highway To Hell

016 Keepin Halloween Alive

017 Like A Vampire

018 E T

019 Every Day is Halloween

020 Abracadabra

021 Somebodys Watching Me

022 Hungry Like The Wolf

023 Bad Moon Rising

024 Werewolves of London

025 Creep

026 Rocky Horror - Theres a light


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