Meeting Notes for October 12, 2017


Sansar Customs is a car showroom that showcases several custom vehicles in Sansar.

The latest Sansar Product Meetups, held Oct. 12, were conducted at the new Sansar Customs experience which showcases how Sansar can be used as a social VR showroom or sales floor to sell products (such as vehicles). The experience includes a large exhibition space that presents three concept vehicles that can also be purchased at the Sansar Store, including the Farm Truck, Robo Rickshaw, and Steam Carriage.


What’s next for Sansar? Now that The Discovery Release has been out a couple of weeks, our developers are already hard at work on the next few updates for the remainder of the year. Future releases will focus on enabling avatar fashions and ways to make it easier to find friends in Sansar. Keep watching the blog for more specifics!



Halloween season is here...and there are several spooky spots to explore in Sansar. Many of these experiences were developed as part of Sansar’s Scariest Experiences contest, which ended Oct. 15. Take a look at the Atlas to discover the many featured entries and stay tuned for an announcement of our winners!

Also, don’t forget to celebrate Halloween with the Sansar crew at one of several seasonal events, including our karaoke event on Oct. 21, Festival Under the Stars on Oct. 27, and live music event on Halloween. See the blog post “October in Sansar is Going to Be Scary Good!” for more details.


Sansar senior producer and sound designer Torley made an appearance at the morning Product Meetup on Oct. 12.


How do I mute footsteps while in Sansar?

It is possible to mute footsteps, but you’ll have to go into your Sansar installation files to make this change. For full instructions on how to mute footsteps (and other audio tips), see the blog post Sansar Audio Tips ‘n’ Tricks.

How do you export an item created with Blender’s Principled Shader so that it works best with the shaders in Sansar?

Creator Medhue created a tutorial video that might be helpful.

Since the last release, it appears that metalness/roughness black textured slots are not consistent with versions that don’t have textures defined. Will this be fixed?

When you don’t specify textures, the metalness/roughness default is about 75% white. Here is a comparison chart shared during the Product Meetup by Sansar user Skye:


The Sansar team will be looking further at whether or not there should be changes to this default behavior when no texture is defined.


Did you miss the most recent Product Meetup? Check out the Meetup Announcements section on to stay informed about future opportunities to interact with the Sansar development team.


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