Meeting Notes for October 6, 2017



The latest meeting was held at Spinnervale by Debi Baskerville.


The latest Product Meetup was the first to be held since the new Discovery Release, which was unveiled on Oct. 4. The latest update emphasizes several improvements to discovery and exploration in Sansar, including the addition of search functionality to the Atlas. There's also a new Featured tab that showcases curated experiences from the Sansar editorial team, as well as new branding options for sellers in the Sansar Store. See the Release Notes for a full list of new features.

Following the release, the community helped to identify a few bugs that were quickly patched by the Sansar team. The Oct. 5 update addressed a crashing issue, while the Oct. 6 update allowed for the addition of scripts to objects bought from the Sansar Store and also patched some additional issues.


Halloween outfits and masks were on full display at the latest Product Meetup.


Lead Community Manager Jenn shared news about several upcoming community events, including a Friday the 13th party, spooky-themed karaoke hang-out, and a special Halloween live music event.  See the blog post “October in Sansar is Going to be Scary Good!” for more information.

She also reminded everyone about the Sansar’s Scariest Experiences contest, which ends Oct. 15. One grand prize winner will receive $10,000 (USD), an Oculus Rift + Touch bundle and a one year Sansar Super Creator Subscription. Three honorable mentions will each each receive a one year Sansar Creator Subscription. Check out the full rules for more information.

During the meeting, a link to a teaser video for the forthcoming spooky Sansar experience “The Subway Nightmare” by Alfy and Galen was also shared by Lead Community Manager Jenn. You can view the video on Facebook and be sure to check out the new experience when it debuts in the Atlas on Oct. 13.

Each week, the community gets to ask questions directly to the Sansar development team.


During the Meetup, the community had the opportunity to directly ask questions and provide feedback to the Sansar development team. Here are some highlights of questions and answers from this week’s meetings:

Will Sansar users be able to turn off media streaming auto-play? Also, will visitors to an experience have the option to control individual audio streams within an experience? For example, a user might want to mute entirely one audio source (such as environmental sounds or music).

We’re looking at adding more control of how audio behaves in Sansar within the setting options soon.

Will Sansar support tessellation shaders with height mapping?

This question has been forwarded to our development team and we’ll have an expert address this topic at a future Product Meetup. However, in a previous Product Meetup it was announced that the terrain system will soon support the ability to upload custom height maps and custom textures with terrain.

Will the Atlas be improved so that events (such as the recent Egyptologist presentation) are more visible?

We’re thinking about adding a dedicated Featured Events tab in the Atlas, but we may eventually let people subscribe to an events feed.

Will the community platform on be improved?

Yes! We’re looking at improvements that will help the community better find and share our blog posts and discussion forums, according to Tech Support Manager Boden Holland.

What’s on the roadmap for better inventory management?

We’re prioritizing improvements that will help creators more easily find and organize their items in their inventory. Stay tuned.

What additional changes can we expect on the Sansar Store?

The recent debut of branding on the Sansar Store is just the beginning, according to VP of Product Bjorn Laurin. Soon creators will also be able to add banners to represent their store brands (rather than just their creator names) and creators can expect even more brand placement opportunities beyond the banner.  


Did you miss the most recent Product Meetup? Check out the Meetup Announcements section on to stay informed about future opportunities to interact with the Sansar development team.

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