October in Sansar is Going to be Scary Good!

Hello Sansar community!

Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year, and we’ve got a treat bag full of sweets lined up to bring the spirit of Halloween into Sansar all October! Read on for details on some of what's brewing this month!

A Contest with a Wicked Sweet Prize

Don’t forget to get your scary experiences entered into the Sansar’s Scariest contest - you have until October 15th to enter. We may end up picking your spot as the winner, and that means the $10,000 prize could be all yours. That’s a lot of candy corn! Full rules are available here.

Meetup Mayhem all Month Long!

One of the first rules of horror movie survival is to never wander off in unknown destinations, but we’re safe in numbers! Our Monday-through-Friday community meetups will be venturing a bit off the beaten path this month. Each week we will choose a slightly de-frightful location for our most macabre of minglings. We’ll select these locations as more scary experiences crop up in the Atlas, so check the forums and our Discord community for times and locations.

Friday the 13th @ Harvest

Another rule of horror movie survival is to steer clear of those house parties. They are prime targets for masked maniacs with a penchant for carving more than pumpkins, but that mysterious house at the end of the street sure looks safe! Let’s get together on Friday October 13th at 114 Harvest at 10 am (PT) to enjoy some party games, good tunes, and escape the misfortunate endings of those scream queens and kings on the b-movie screens!

Karaoke - Sing Bloody Murder on Saturday, October 21st!

Come enjoy the hauntingly beautiful sounds of VR Karaoke at the Studio Club - Karaoke & Hang-Out. Are you brave enough to show off your vocal stylings? Aspire to be Sansar’s Next Top Talent? Saturday, October 21st at 2 pm (PT) is your chance to bring your karaoke A game. The only catch is - since it’s Halloween - the tune must be in theme with the season. Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, anything that screams HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Halloween Festival Under the Stars on Friday, October 27th

An autumn fest - complete with spiced cider straight from the cauldron - is in the works at Starry Stars and Stuff. Of course, that means a Blitz Dodge Cannon Ball Tournament is in order. The last Sansarian standing can will earn the claim to fame of being the 1st Blitz Dodge Cannon Ball champion - so come prepared to weave, run, and get ready for fun! Mark your calendars for 10 am (PT) on Friday the 27th of October.

Live Music! Night of the Living Shred - Halloween Night October 31st

Halloween is always full of things that go thunk in the night! Our first official live music event comes on the eve of October 31st. At 6 pm (PT) Oblee will stream his spookiest live tunes for us. Get your VR dance moves on point,because you will want to shake it. Location will be announced soon!

More to come …

We’ve got a few more Halloween themed adventures in the works, so be sure to follow our official blog and join our Discord community.

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