Importing Paint 3D content into Sansar

Microsoft Paint 3D, which is free, can be used to easily create 3D content and import it into Sansar. This is especially appealing if you're new to content creation, and want to find a simple starting point.

Here is a quick video tutorial showing you how:

The basic steps, as shown in the video, are as follows:

  1. In Paint 3D, choose Menu > Export file and save the file.
  2. In Sansar, upload the exported .fbx.
  3. Drag the imported object from your inventory into the scene.
  4. Scale the object as needed. You may need to scale it down considerably.


  • Some Paint 3D objects may not be able to be scaled to a usable size, due to the limits of our Scale slider. While more advanced, after exporting the .fbx from Paint 3D, you can use Blender as an intermediary to adjust scaling. Export it from Blender, then import into Sansar.
  • Some Paint 3D objects may not import correctly or look as expected.
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