Quick Start: Exploring in Sansar

After you have installed Sansar, chosen an Avatar Name and Avatar ID and customized your avatar, you may wish to explore some of the worlds created by the Sansar community.

Finding worlds

The Prime Portal panel.

The Prime Portal in The Nexus allows you to browse through a full list of worlds that have been made public by their creators. If you know the name of a world you would like to visit (or the name of the world's creator), you can search for them in the Prime Portal as well.

When you find a world you would like to explore, move your mouse cursor over the world's image and click the Visit button that appears.

You can also visit worlds by clicking their direct URL, which is a special kind of hyperlink that allows you to visit a world of whether it has been listed in the Prime Portal. World URLs may often be found on web pages or in text chat.

For further information about the Prime Portal and The Nexus, see The Nexus.

Once you have visited a world, you can revisit it at any time by finding it in your Codex, which has a similar interface to the Prime Portal but only contains worlds you have visited. You can open the Codex by choosing Go > Codex from the main menu.

Exploring a world

Once you arrive in an world, you may wish to move around and explore. You can walk, run, or teleport your avatar, as well as interact with dynamic objects.

For a full listing of controls, see Sansar controls.

Walking and running

Walking and running are the simplest ways to get around in a world.

Walking or running is the simplest way to move short distances in Sansar:

  • Keyboard - To make your avatar walk, use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D. To run, press Shift. You can also jump by pressing Spacebar.
  • VR controller or game controller - Use the left thumbstick or left trackpad. To run, press the left thumbstick while moving or (on HTC Vive) press and hold the left trackpad. You can jump by pressing B on Oculus or Right Trackpad Down on Vive.


An avatar using the targeting beam to select a teleport destination and facing.

Teleporting allows you to move longer distances easily, and lets you bypass obstacles that you would not otherwise be able to traverse on foot.

  • Keyboard - Hold the key to activate a targeting beam and use your mouse to select a destination. You can adjust your facing direction at the end of the teleport by using the mouse wheel. Click the left mouse button to teleport to the targeted spot.
  • Gamepad - Hold the right trigger to activate the targeting beam, use the right stick to select your destination, and use the left stick to adjust your facing at the and of the teleport. Release the right trigger to teleport to the targeted spot.
  • Oculus Rift controller - Hold A or X to activate the targeting beam, which emanates from your hand, use the stick on the opposite controller to adjust your facing at the end of the teleport, and then release the button to teleport.
  • HTC Vive controller - Hold Forward/Up on the right trackpad to activate the targeting beam, select a facing by moving your thumb on the trackpad while still holding down, and release the trackpad to teleport.

Interacting with dynamic objects

An avatar holding a dynamic object.

Dynamic objects in Sansar obey the laws of physics and can be moved by avatars and other objects. Using VR controls or a keyboard and mouse, you can pick up and throw dynamic objects.

  • KeyboardMove close to the object and left-click it with your mouse to pick it up. You can drop or throw the object by clicking the mouse again. The longer you hold the mouse button before releasing, the farther you throw the object. While holding left-click, an aiming guide appears and you can use the scroll wheel to modify the distance you will throw the object.
  • Gamepad - Move close to the object and press the A button to pick it up. If there is more than one dynamic object nearby, you can choose between them by pressing left and right on the D-pad. To drop or throw an object you are holding, press the A button again. The longer you hold the button before releasing, the farther you throw the object.
  • Oculus Rift controller - When near a dynamic object, reach for it and hold one of the grip buttons to grasp the object. You can drop the object again by releasing the grip button.
  • HTC Vive controller - When near a dynamic object, reach for it and hold one of the Trigger buttons to grasp the object. You can drop the object again by releasing the trigger button.
Note: It is possible to grab a dynamic object from another avatar's hand. This makes it easier to hand an object back and forth, but please be respectful of other peoples' activities.

Sharing world URLs

You can use the Codex to get a world's URL. URLs allow you to share the world with others, either in chat or outside Sansar on a website, email, or messenger application. When someone clicks a world's URL, they can view the world's profile and choose to visit.

To get a world's URL:

  • Choose Go > Codex to open the Codex.
  • Select one of your visited worlds from the Codex and click on the thumbnail to bring up the world's profile.
  • Select the Copy URL button.
  • The link is placed on your clipboard.
  • You can paste the link into Chat, email, or a web page. People can click on the link to visit that world without needing to find it through the Prime Portal in The Nexus.
Click the Copy URL button to copy a world's URL to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste the link in an email, web page, or chat message.
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