You can select preferences in the Settings panel to adjust certain Sansar user interface elements to your liking. Once set, these preferences persist between logins.

To access the Settings panel, choose More options > Settings from the App Launcher.

Choose More options > Settings from the App Launcher.

Available settings 

You may toggle with the following available options in the Settings panel:

The Settings panel.

Audio Levels

  • Master audio - Adjust all audio sliders at once.
  • Voice audio - Adjust the voice chat level when visiting an experience. 
  • Experience audio - Adjust all music and video sounds that play in an experience. 
  • UI music - Adjust the background music that plays when not visiting an experience or editing a scene, such as when viewing the Atlas.
  • UI sound effects - Adjust the sound effects that play when you interact with Sansar's user interface, such as when you click a button.

People and Chat Settings

  • Toast notifications - Toggle notifications that appear when events occur in the People and Chat apps.

Graphics Settings

  • Shadowed Atmospherics - Enables/Disables godrays on Desktop and/or VR.
  • Media Graphics Mode - Adjust the streaming quality of media streams. There are a few options available to adjust the video quality. Take note that if you change the Media Graphics Mode settings, you must restart Sansar in order for the changes to take into effect.
    • Auto-Detect - This is the default setting. When auto-detect is selected, the system detects the hardware and automatically adjusts the settings based on it.
    • High - Set video playback in all media streams at the highest, optimal quality level (Full CPU). 
    • Medium - Set video playback in all media streams to a reasonable quality level (No compositing). 
    • Low - Set video playback in all media streams to the lowest, recommended level (No compositing).
Note: If you are continuously experiencing crashing issues when entering experiences with media streams, try adjusting the Media Graphics Mode's setting to medium or low. You may have to test it out by trial and error to see what works best for your hardware. 


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