Insight Digital's new, Sansar powered travel series, "Voyages Live: Egypt"

A blast from the past! Take a trip to a part of the world few have seen. Join us in our first virtual tourism event on Wednesday, October 4th from 10-11am PT. Discover the mysteries and majesty of ancient Egypt in Insight Digital's new, Sansar powered travel series, "Voyages Live: Egypt". VR and PC travelers join Egyptologist, author, and University of Sorbonne professor, Philippe Martinez for live, completely interactive, guided tours of select Egyptian heritage sites. The destinations include amazingly preserved shrines, and tombs, that are otherwise inaccessible to the public. Insight Digital, in collaboration with the Sorbonne University, and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, used LIDAR and photogrammetry to preserve these sites in exacting “you-are-there” detail. This is an exclusive event with limited availability, so please sign up quickly if you're interested because spots will go fast. Looking forward to adventuring to Ancient Egypt with you!

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