Meeting Notes for September 22, 2017

The latest Sansar Product Meetups, held Sept. 22, included early chatter about the forthcoming “Discovery” release and news of the debut of the Discord community channel. Attendees also learned more about future fashion and avatar enhancements, as well as other exciting features on the development roadmap.


Community members met at the Zen Garden for the latest meetings.


A new Sansar update is only days away! “The Discovery Release” will improve Sansar via several new enhancements, including:

  • Easier discovery of Atlas experiences - You’ll soon be able to search the Atlas in Sansar to discover cool and interesting new experiences. A new “featured” tab will showcase many of the latest and greatest experiences, too. In the near future, you’ll also be able to sort and bookmark your favorites. An events tab is in the works, as well.
  • Custom “branded” banners on the Sansar Store - Showcase your creations all in one place with a new personal branded banner on The Sansar Store. Store banner dimensions will be announced soon.
  • Desktop interaction with objects - Desktop users will soon have great interactivity options with objects, including the ability to throw, drop, and hold items.
  • More improvements & bug fixes - There’s plenty more, too! Keep an eye on the Release Notes section of for full details of other new enhancements, features, and bug fixes.


Further down the line, the Sansar community can expect a fashion-focused release that will improve Sansar support for a thriving fashion economy. For example, clothing will be improved with physics for a more organic appearance including natural folds and movement. In addition, avatar rigging is also getting an upgrade to better support design of clothing. Avatar shapes and shaders are coming, too. Soon you’ll be able to select more body sizes and skin tones. You can expect improvements to hair, as well. For example, you’ll soon be able to sell hair as a separate item in the Sansar Store.


Sansar VP of Product Bjorn Laurin chats with the Sansar community.


Stay connected with the Sansar community at all times via our new official Discord channel. With Discord, you can chat with other Sansar creators across multiple themed topics, including scripting, building, audio, and more. The Discord application runs on the web via a dedicated app or in your browser, but it is also available as a mobile app.

To get started, make sure to install Discord and then follow this link to connect your Discord and Sansar accounts. See our official announcement or review the Sansar FAQ for more information.



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