Updated Policies for Selling in the Sansar Store

UPDATE: October 2, 2017

Following helpful feedback from Sansar’s creator community, we will not be enforcing the credit card requirement at this time.

Requiring sellers to have payment information on file will help us to combat undesirable behavior in the Store, but we understand that creators around the world may not have a credit card for a variety of reasons.

We are working to support other payment methods, such as PayPal, and plan to revisit this requirement for sellers once we have more available options.


Being able to sell your creations is a unique and awesome aspect of Sansar, and the Store is off to a strong start with thousands of items listed and many thousands of sales since we opened creator beta. The new Wearables category is booming, and it’s been fantastic to see the creativity, variety, and volume of new items being added every day.

Today, we wanted to share a few updates to our policies for sellers in the Store:

  1. Revised listing guidelines - Among the updates in the new version are revamped Store image guidelines based on feedback from creators, as well as changes to allow links to tutorials.
  2. New eligibility requirements - As of October 2, 2017, you’ll need to have a credit card on file for your account in order to sell in the Sansar Store. Adding one is easy - just follow the steps here.
    Free account holders will be able to sell up to 50 items at a time. Subscribers at the Creator level or above will have no limits on the number of active listings they can have in the Store. Note: if you have more than 50 listings in the Store when this change goes into effect on October 2, 2017, your items may be de-listed, so please take a moment to review your items to avoid the inconvenience of having to re-list them.

Please take a few moments to review these updates and make any necessary adjustments to your subscription and Store listings. Like all of Sansar, the Store will continue to improve and evolve over time as we listen to feedback and make adjustments. If you have ideas for future features to the Sansar Store, please drop by our Store Breakout session, happening Wednesday September 27, 2017, from 2pm -3pm at the Sansar Studios Conference Stage. We look forward to getting your input!


The Sansar Team

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