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Hello Sansar Community!

Today - we’re happy to announce the launch of Sansar’s official Discord community. Discord is a service that lets you chat (text and voice) in real time with other Sansar users, wherever you are - it works on the web, on mobile, and desktop.

Our Discord community is a way to connect with other Sansar users and make friends, plan meet-ups, ask questions, get feedback, share your ideas and creations, and more.

Once you have joined, you’ll see red names (Sansar users) and blue names (Sansar Team) in the list. We’ll be checking in, making announcements, joining in the conversations, and look forward to seeing what you share in the official Discord channel. If you need to reach support, the best way to contact the support team is via

To join the new official Discord community for Sansar, go to your accounts page and click  “Link Discord”  on the left, or follow this direct link while logged in to your Sansar account on the website. Once there, you’ll be able to either easily join with an existing Discord account, or set up a Discord account and link it to the Sansar Discord ( you will need to verify your email through Discord if you are setting up a new account!) We’ve created a basic FAQ to help with any questions you may have about setting up an account and getting settled.

Like Sansar itself, our forums, and other community channels, our Discord community is intended as a place for all Sansar users to enjoy. To keep it a friendly, civil, welcoming, and valuable resource for all, we ask that you please adhere to the applicable guidelines of our Community Standards and Terms of Service while participating in our Discord channels. A good rule of thumb is - if  you have to ask yourself if something is appropriate, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Come join us in the Sansar official Discord community!

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