Meeting Notes for September 15, 2017

Each Friday, the Sansar community connects directly with the Sansar development team at both morning and afternoon Product Meetups. The most recent gatherings, held Sept. 15,  were attended by Lead Community Manager Jenn, Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas, and Senior Product Manager Carolyn Gudmundson.


Creators gathered together for the latest meetup at City Park by Lex4art.


A week after its initial release, there was lots of feedback and discussion about the latest Sansar update, the Terrain Release. The community plays an important role in discovering bugs and suggesting improvements, so all feedback from the most recent meeting is being reviewed by the development team for follow-up. Among the key known issues shared with the team were Terrain Editor crashes, object displacement concerns, and scripting bugs. In addition, several new feature requests were made and discussed by attendees.



So, what’s next for Sansar? Among the features in the works for both the short and long-term are:

  • Atlas search improvements - our next release will bring search to the Atlas in Sansar, making it easier to discover new experiences.
  • Support for custom height maps - The terrain system will soon support the ability to upload custom height maps and custom textures with terrain.
  • Chat support in VR mode - In the future, you’ll be able to read text chat while in VR mode. This feature is currently only available in desktop mode.
  • Collaborative building - The foundations for collaborative building are being worked on, but there’s no estimate yet on when this feature will be available. It may be awhile before this is ready.

In response to requests from the community, the Sansar team will soon be sharing a public roadmap that includes more information on new features and changes to expect in the short term.



Here are some questions asked at this week’s open Q&A:

Will creators be able to eventually sell entire experiences in The Sansar Store?

Yes. On a related note, another thing we’re looking at is how to best give creators the ability to control access to their experiences, such as access controls that feature a permissions whitelist.

Will Sansar have Texture Atlas support?

A texture atlas, which allows creators to combine multiple UV sets onto a single texture, can be useful as a way to create more quickly and efficiently and it can help to speed up the rendering process. It is undetermined whether or not this will be supported in Sansar, but the development team is going to look closer at this request. In a future Product Meetup, we’ll bring in a Sansar developer with expertise in this area to learn more about interest in this potential feature. This expert should also be able to address other texture-related questions of interest to the community.

Will there be ways to communicate selectively to larger groups of people on Sansar? Example use cases include creators who want to send a bulk message to customers of their products or large group communities who share common interests.

There are many social features in the works including some group messaging functionality. We’ll be announcing more specific soon. In the meantime, our Discord server is almost ready and we hope that it will be available by the end of the month! Once it goes live, Sansar users will be able to stay connected at any time.

Will Sansar avatars support multiple attachment points and/or multiple attachments to a single point?

An early release of Sansar supported multiple attachment points for avatars, but due to some bugs this was subsequently streamlined to support a single attachment point. However, the Sansar team is actively working on improvements to the overall avatar system (including how attachments are handled). Stay tuned for specifics.

Will testing or previewing scripts in edit mode be supported?

We are adding this to the list of feature requests for review by the Sansar development team.



Another view of City Park by Lex4art.


Don’t forget to show off your creativity and possibly win cash or prizes by entering one or both of our two new contests. Creators can now sell avatar props in The Sansar Store, and we’re rewarding the best avatar props in four categories: Most Innovative, Best Halloween Costume, Funniest, and Most Fashionable. In addition, another contest awards creators of Sansar’s Scariest Experiences. Check out the full rules and get more information in our contest announcement post “Win Big in Two New Creation Contests.”

DON’T MISS FUTURE MEETUPS!Did you miss the most recent Product Meetup? Check out the Meetup Announcements section on to stay informed about future opportunities to interact with the Sansar development team.

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