Sculpt Your World - Sansar’s Terrain Release Is Here!

The latest update to Sansar is out now, and you’ll be able to enjoy some awesome new features when you next log in.

This update includes a groundbreaking new feature that’ll rock your world - you can now sculpt your own terrain! Shape unique landscapes with mountains and valleys, craters, cliffs, or whatever you want for your creations.

As you sculpt new terrains, remember to save your work often just in case something unexpected happens. This is an early release of this exciting new feature, and there are still a few bugs and known issues that we’ll sort out quickly.

There’s a lot more great stuff in this update - new scripting power, the ability to list avatar props in the Store, and much more. You can find full release notes and supporting documentation here.


Don’t forget, we have two incredible contests for you to participate in - Sansar’s Top Avatar Props and Sansar’s Scariest! You could win $10,000 (USD), an Oculus Rift + Touch bundle, and more. Visit our forums for full details, rules, and how to enter.

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See you in VR!

The Sansar Team

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