Meeting Notes - September 1, 2017

The Sansar community learned more about the newest Sansar release, as well as two exciting new creator contests at the latest Product Meetup held on Sept. 1.


The latest meetup was held at Rune by Maxwell Graf.


During the meeting, it was announced that there are two new contests that will award cash and prizes to winners who create the best avatar props, as well as Sansar’s Scariest experiences. Lead Community Manager Jenn shared news about the contests, which include:

Contest #1: Sansar’s Top Avatar Props

With the next update to Sansar (coming this week), you’ll be able to sell avatar props in the Store. To celebrate this new capability, we’ll be rewarding the creators of the best avatar props in four categories:

  • Most Innovative
  • Best Halloween Costume
  • Funniest
  • Most Fashionable

Winners will each receive an Oculus Rift + Touch bundle, plus a one year Sansar Super Creator Subscription. Honorable mentions will each receive a one year Sansar Creator Subscription.

Contest #2: Sansar’s Scariest Experiences

‘Tis the season to be scary! Frightening experiences can be thrilling fun in VR, especially if you bring along some friends. The Atlas already has some terror-ific experiences like the Asylum (Darkness Edition) and The Abandoned Morgue, and as we head into Halloween season, we’re looking for the scariest!

One grand prize winner will receive $10,000 (USD), an Oculus Rift + Touch bundle and a one year Sansar Super Creator Subscription. Three honorable mentions will each each receive a one year Sansar Creator Subscription.

For details on how to enter and rules, visit this Creator Contest blog post.


The Sansar community got an update on the next Sansar release, due out this week.  The latest update includes many highly-desired features and enhancements, including:

  • Terrain Editor - Make mountains and more with the first implementation of our new Terrain Editor. In the future, you’ll be able to upload your own textures.
  • Support for Audio Streaming - Add music and live streaming to your experiences and scenes with new support for Shoutcast, Icecast, and many other .mp3-based and .ogg-based audio streaming formats. (Note: The .acc format is not yet supported).
  • Scripting Updates, including Trigger Volumes - There are several new script features and changes, including trigger volumes, a script console, cached APIs, and more. Learn more about trigger volumes in the Knowledge Base.
  • Avatar Attachments on The Sansar Store - Create your own avatar attachments and then sell them in the Store. Learn more about Avatar Attachments in the Knowledge Base.
  • Avatar Customization Tool Updates - There will be a few more updates to avatar customization, including the ability to change the color of your nails!
  • Object Animations - Add animations to objects to bring them to life! Create them in Maya, StudioMax, or Blender, and import them into Sansar.
  • 3D Videos - Watch 3D movies in a 3D space with new support for stereoscopic videos.
  • Running - Move faster as you explore Sansar experiences with new support for running!

For a full list of new features, check out the Release Notes after the new release later this week.


Do fries go with that shake? Apparently, so -- at least, at the latest Sansar meetup.


Will there be support for HUDs?

Development of HUD attachments is not on the short-term product development roadmap. However, we’ve noted this feature request for possible future development. In the meantime, the Sansar team is continuing to develop broader support for bringing web pages and media into an experience.

Will we eventually be able to pull in external web services and/or APIs into Sansar so that we can connect them to objects or items? For example, will we be able to open a website or mirror our desktops in Sansar experiences?

We do want to support web browsers in Sansar eventually, but it will take some time to build it out. In a future meeting, we’ll bring in one of our scripting experts to discuss the broader possibilities posed in this question further.

When can we expect keyframe animation support?

It is in the works for one of the next few releases, but it won’t be in the very next release as it is not yet ready for the public. Once we do make it available, we are aiming to support importing of keyframe animations from a variety of common tools that support this function.

When will be able to sit in Sansar?

Sitting is on our development roadmap and should come within the next year.

Will there be a Sansar development roadmap made available to the public?

We do plan to share more about the Sansar development roadmap so that the community knows what features they can look forward to in upcoming releases. In the meantime, anyone is welcome to ask us directly about the status of future features during any of our recurring Product Meetups. Our long-term development roadmap continues to evolve as we get feedback and interact directly with the community, so we encourage participation in the meetings and Feature Requests forum.

When will social tools be improved so that the Sansar community can better stay in touch?

There’s lots to come here - for example, future releases will make it easier to find friends, see which experiences are populated, and discover upcoming events. Additionally, our recurring Meetups are a great way to connect with other Sansar users, and we'll soon be rolling out an official Discord server to enable everyone to stay connected.

Will The Sansar Store listing guidelines be updated soon? For example, there are some items for sale that would benefit from having images that do not require a solid white background.

We are working on changing the guidelines now. We’ll change some of these rules on image guidelines soon, so stay tuned.

Will there be any content restrictions for experiences and/or scenes that contain gore and violence?

For information on content restrictions, please see our Content Guidelines.

What about metrics? Will we know how many active users are in Sansar at any given time?

We want to make it easy for everyone to find where other people are and to see which experiences are populated. This information will be included in an upcoming release and, in the future, we also want to make it possible for creators to access metrics that can help them optimize their experiences for success.


Did you miss the most recent Product Meetup? Check out the Meetup Announcements section on to stay informed about future opportunities to interact with the Sansar development team.


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