Working with terrain

As of May 2, 2018, it is no longer possible to create or edit terrain, or upload terrain height maps in Sansar. Existing terrain objects (created using the terrain tool or by uploading a height map) have been replaced with a flat, red plane as a placeholder asset.

Terrain generation alternatives

It is still possible to generate terrain as a 3D object and import it to Sansar. Here are some alternative tools to generate terrain objects for your scenes in Sansar.

Note: The polygon count for a 32mx32m piece of terrain should not exceed 5000 triangles.


Morteza Ahmadi has created a terrain creation script for Maya. Check out this blog post for more information, or visit the product page for download and payment options.

World Machine

World Machine is a free terrain generation tool that provides powerful tools for generating complex, natural-looking terrain. Check out their website here and download it for free.

Terragen 4

Terragen is a tool for building, rendering, and animating realistic natural environments. Check out their features and pricing on their website here.

ZBrush 4R8

Jakob Menz has created a set of terrain brushes for use with ZBrush. The brush set is currently available for sale for $15 on his website.


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