Meeting Notes - August 11, 2017



Congratulations to the winners of the recent Creator Challenge, which awarded several cash prizes to winning creators. One of the top prizes for “Best Overall & Best Gaming Experience” was awarded to Garden of Dreams by Kayle Matzerath.

Visit the blog for the full list of winners.


The Garden of Dreams by Kayle Matzerath was a winner in the Creator Challenge.




3D Environment Artist Samuel Juarez (a.k.a. “Sammo”) gave an update on the development of the showcase “Creator Academy” experience in Sansar that will allow creators to better see how the materials editor works. The showcase will include a “Hall of Materials” that features displays of objects with different settings in action on different materials so that creators can see and experience (rather than just read about) how the materials editor works inside Sansar.


The latest community meeting was held at 114 Harvest by Draxtor and RIA.



During the open office hours, community members had several questions for the Sansar development team, including:

For the upcoming Terrain Editor, will there be a fixed lower elevation layer different to the “sky-platform” concept we have now?

The terrain will be an object-based system where you will drag the terrain out your inventory and you will be able to sculpt it. We’re going to start off with a height map based system. But we do plan on adding other capabilities later. It is going to be a special terrain object that you can drag onto the world from your inventory.

What do you use for your materials source? Do you use Substance or something proprietary?

We do use Substance mainly, but there are some exceptions. For example,  on the Voyage Live: Egypt experience we used some other sources.

Are you thinking about making water as part of the terrain editor?

It is something we are looking at, according to Samuel. “I think water definitely needs to have reflections and translucency,” he added. “It would also be great if we can build out a water shader.”

When will we be able to store materials in inventory?

This is something the Sansar team wants to do, but no specific timeline has been announced.

How will the scripting API evolve in the future?

We do want to add more interactivity in the world, which includes adding features that would allow for more events and reactivity to things that people do.

Will we be able to upload a skeleton mesh in the future?

This is not a top priority, but we do expect to support that eventually. We’ve built the architecture in such a way that will support this in the future.

On The Sansar Store, will re-delivery of items be handled directly by the creators vs. by Linden Lab?

The store is still in it’s early stages and we are still building it out. As far as re-delivery goes, as a purchaser you can re-deliver an item you’ve purchased to your inventory. But we don’t have the ability to update item listings just yet. Hopefully, we would like to give the users the ability to update their listings.

Will there be focus groups to get a sense of how the different communities and creators use (or want to use) Sansar? For example, it would be great if you could test features selectively with a smaller group of creators before making them available to a wider group.

We’ll look into this suggestion. However, we will also be holding community meetings that are focused on specific communities, including fashion designers, audio design, scripting and much more. We’ll make announcements about these opportunities on the forums or blogs.

Will there be stores and shopping inside Sansar (similar to the “inworld stores” found in Second Life)? Or, will everything be bought only on the web via The Sansar Store?

We want to give in-app shopping to users in the long-term. However, we aren’t focusing on this yet as we are focusing more on the web store.

In the inventory, is there a way to preview the items vs. only seeing the item name? Maybe give it a 360 view?

Yes! Thumbnails for the inventory is on the roadmap in the next couple of months.

When can we fly in Sansar?

We are looking at the possibility of adding the ability to fly in Sansar. However, we want the creators to determine the parameters of how people interact with their experiences and scenes. That means that - even if flight is supported - some experiences might restrict your ability to fly based on the the creator preferences.



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