Creator Challenge Winners & Honorable Mentions

Prior to opening Sansar Creator Beta, participants in our Creator Preview program were invited to submit their creations in a multi-category Build Challenge for a chance to win some great prizes. The challenge was an opportunity for creators to push the envelope of the features and tools currently available in Sansar, and it resulted in some awesome creations that everyone can enjoy now that beta is open to the public.

We want to thank each and every one of our talented preview participants who submitted something to the challenge. It was great to explore each and every unique perspective, and we are excited to see that creativity grow as we add more features and tools! The hardest part of selecting the winners, of course, was narrowing down the list.

We encourage you to freely explore the Atlas and Store, and these winning entries are a great place to start. Congratulations to all Creator Challenge winners!

Our Finalists


Store Items:

Honorable Mentions:


Let us know what you’re working on next in the forums!

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