Meeting Notes - March 03, 2017

Future feature requests and the latest Sansar release were among the topics discussed at both March 3 community meetings. Sansar team members participating in one or more of the meetings included: VP of Product Bjorn Laurin, Senior Software Engineer Kelly Washington, Lead Community Manager Jennifer, Software Engineer Nyx, and Senior Director of Global Communications Peter Gray.

As with previous weekly meetings, the community had an opportunity to ask questions, report bugs, and make feature requests to the Sansar team. Here are some highlights of those discussions:

  • New Sansar Script API Documentation - Kelly shared highlights of the new Sansar Script API. He also announced availability of full documentation, which can now be found at:
    • Expanded scripting support is coming - While the most recent release features a limited set of APIs to enable scripting, Kelly indicated that this is just a small step towards more ambitious scripting support in future releases. Kelly indicated that advanced animation APIs are in the works and that creators will eventually be able to animate and add interactions to scenes and objects (e.g. sitting on a couch). In addition, the Sansar team is working on memory tracking and other under-the-hood tweaks based on what the Sansar team observes from early creations.
  • New Features Under Development - The community can expect several new features in the future for Sansar, including better expanded avatar customization, “one size fits all” clothing support, full body inverse-kinematics (IK), and global illumination. Other potential new features discussed include:
    • Access controls and rules - Bjorn mentioned that in the future creators will eventually be able to control who gets access to their experiences. For example, creators will be able to limit access to friends and colleagues or allow anyone into their experiences. In addition, creators will eventually be able to set rules for those who visit their experiences. For example, a Mars-themed experience might be set to only allow participants who are dressed to match the theme of the experience.
    • Desktop enhancements - Expect more features and UI improvements geared at desktop-specific use of Sansar, according to Bjorn.
    • The Sansar Store improvements - More enhancements to The Sansar Store are on the development roadmap, including an easier method for creating preview images. Bjorn indicated that the Sansar team is listening closely to early feedback on creator and merchant needs.
  • Sansar Marketing & Creator Invite Update - Both Pete and Bjorn also reaffirmed that early marketing of Sansar will strongly emphasize the creator community. For example, a new Sansar promo video aimed at showcasing the creative possibilities of Sansar will be released publicly in the next week. In addition, more creator preview invites are likely to be sent out in the coming days.
  • Adult Content & Sansar - Some creators asked for clarification about the adult content policy in Sansar. Bjorn indicated that adult content is not allowed in the short-term since age restriction support is not yet in place. While no policy has been set for longer-term adult content policies, Bjorn affirmed that Sansar ultimately aims to give creators control over the type of content that they create and consume.


Full details of the latest version of Sansar, released on March 2, can be found within the latest Sansar Notes.


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